Stock Lists

Stock Lists by Sector:

1) Stocks Trading on the NYSE by Sector (Updated Mar 18, 2017 ):

S.No.Sector Name
1Accident &Health Insurance
4Aggregates and Building Materials
5Agricultural Chemicals
6Agricultural Crops
7Air Frieght/Delivery Services
11Auto Manufacturing
12Auto Parts
13Automative Aftermarket
19Building Materials
20Building Operators
21Building Products
22Business Services
23Catalog/Special Distribution
26Computer Communication Equipment
27Computer Manufacturing
28Computer Peripheral Equipment
29Computer Software
31Construction and Agricultural Equipment
32Consumer Electronics
33Consumer Services
34Consumer Specialties
35Greeting Cards
37Department Stores
38Diversified Commercial Services
39Diversified Financial Services
40EDP Services
41Electric Utilities
42Electrical Products
43Electronic Components
44Engineering & Construction
45Environmental Services
47Finance Companies
48Investors Services
49Consumer Financial Services
50Fluid Controls
51Food Stocks
52Food Distributors
53Forest Products
54General Building Contractors
56Home Furnishings
57Home Improvement Stores
59Hospital/Nursing Management
61Industrial Machinery/Components
62Industrial Specialties
63Integrated oil Companies
64Investment Bankers/Brokers/Service
65Investment Managers
67Life Insurance
68Major Chemicals
69Major Pharmaceuticals
70Marine Transportation
72Medical Specialities
73Medical/Dental Instruments
74Medical/Nursing Services
75Metal Fabrications
77Motor Vehicles
79Natural Gas Distribution
81Office Equipment/Supplies/Services
82Oil & Gas Production
83Oil Refining/Marketing
84Oilfield Services/Equipment
85Ophthalmic Goods
86Ordnance And Accessories
87Specialty Stores
88Package Goods/Cosmetics
89Packaged Foods
92Plastic Products
93Pollution Control Equipment
94Power Generation
95Precious Metals
96Professional Services
97Property-Casualty Insurers
99Radio And Television Broadcasting And Communications Equipment
101Real Estate
102Recreational Products/Toys
104Rental/Leasing Companies
105Restaurant Stocks
106Retail Building Materials
107Computer Software & Peripheral Equipment
109Amusement & Recreation
110Shoe Manufacturing
111Specialty Chemicals
112Specialty Foods
113Specialty Insurers
114Steel/Iron Ore
115Telecommunications Equipment
116Television Services
120Transportation Services
121Trucking Freight/Courier Services
122Water Supply
123Wholesale Distributors
124Wholesale Drug Companies

2) Stocks Trading on the OTC Markets by Sector (Updated Mar 18, 2017 ):

S.No.Sector Name
1Aerospace and Defense
2Alternative Energy
3Auto and Parts
6Construction Materials
7Electronics and Electrical Equipments
8Fixed Line Telecom
9Food and Drug Retailers
10Food Producers
11 Forestry and Paper
12General Industrials
13General Retailers
14Healthcare Equipment and Services
15 Household Goods
16Industrial Metals and Mining
17 Industrial Transports
18Industrial Engineering
19Leisure Goods
22Life Insurance
23Mobile Telecom
24Nonlife Insurance
25Oil and Gas Producers
26Oil Equipment and Service Providers
27Personal Goods
28Pharma and Biotech
29Travel and Leisure
30Real Estate Investment and Services
32Software and Computer Services
33Support Services
34Technical Hardware


OLD Lists:

Stocks Trading on the NYSE by Sector:

S.No. Name
76 Air Services
79 Waste Management
80 Textile Industrial Stocks
81 Small Tools Accessories
82 Residential Construction Stocks
83 Pollution Treatment Controls
84 Metal Fabrication Stocks-
85 Manufactured Housing Stocks
86 Machine Tools and Accessories
88 Industrial Equipment Components
89 Industrial Electric Equipments
90 Heavy Construction Stocks
91 General Contractors
92 General Building Materials
93 Farm Construction Machinery Stocks
94 Diversified Machinery Stocks
95 Cement Stocks
96 Aerospace Defense Products Services
97 Aerospace Defense Major Diversified stocks
98 Specialized Health Services
99 Medical Practitioners
100 Medical Laboratories

S.No. Name
101 Medical Instruments Supplies
102 Medical Appliances Equipment
103 Long-term Care Facilities
104 Hospital Stocks
105 Home Health-care Stocks
106 Health-care Plans
108 Drug-related Products
111 Drug Delivery Stocks
113 Surety Title Insurance Stocks
115 REIT Retail Stocks-
116 REIT Residential Stocks
117 REIT Office Stocks
118 REIT Industrial Stocks
119 REIT Hotel Motel Stocks
120 REIT Healthcare Facilities
121 REIT Diversified Stocks
128 Real Estate Development
129 Property Management stocks
130 Property Casualty Insurance stocks
131 Mortgage Investments


Stocks Trading on the NASDAQ by Sector:

S.No. Sector
1 Advertising Stocks
2 Agri Chemical Stocks
3 Aluminum Stocks
4 After-market parts Stocks
5 Auto parts Stocks
6 Beverage Stocks
7 Biotech Apparatus Stocks
8 Biotech Lab Stocks
9 Book Stocks
10 Building Material Stocks
11 Building Products Stocks
12 Catalog Stocks
13 Clothing Stocks
14 Accident Health-insurance-stocks
15 Aerospace Stocks
16 Airfreight Stocks
17 Apparel Stocks
18 Auto Manufacturing Stocks
19 Bank Stocks
20 Biotech Stocks
21 Biotech Invitro Stocks
22 Biotech Research Stocks
23 Broadcasting Stocks
24 Building Operator Stocks
25 Business Services Stocks
26 Coal Mining Stocks

S.No. Name
27 Commercial Bank Stocks
28 Commercial Equipment Stocks
29 Commercial Manufacturing Stocks
30 Commercial Software Programming stocks
31 Construction Speciality Stocks
32 Container Stocks
33 Diversified Electricity Producers-Stocks
34 Electronic Component Maker Stocks
35 Electric Utility Stocks
36 Environmental Services Stocks
37 Computer Equipment Makers Stocks
38 Computer Software Makers Stocks
39 Consumer Electronics Stocks
40 Construction Equipment Stocks
41 Diversified Communication Services Stocks
42 Edp Services Stocks
43 Electrical Product Makers Stocks
44 Engineering Construction Stocks
45 Farming Stocks
46 Retail Stores Stocks

S.No. Name
47 Finance Company Stocks
48 Financial Investment Services Company Stocks
49 Food Distributors Stocks
50 Consumer Financial Services Stocks
51 Forest Products Stocks
52 Home Furnishing Stocks
53 homebuilding stocks
54 Hospitals Stocks
55 hotels stocks
56 industrial machinery stocks
57 industrial specialties stocks
58 Investment Banking Companies Stocks
59 Investment Management Companies Stocks
60 life insurers stocks
61 Major Bank Stocks
62 Major Chemcial Stocks
63 Major Pharmaceuticals Stocks
64 Marine Transportation Stocks
65 Meat Company Stocks
66 Medical Electronics Stocks
67 Medical Instruments Stocks
68 Medical Services Stocks
69 Metal Fabricators Stocks
70 Military Technology Stocks
71 Non-Metal Mining Stocks
72 Manufacturing Industry Stocks
73 Motor Vehicles Stocks
74 Movie Companies Stocks
75 Multi-Sector Companies Stocks
76 Natural Distributors Stocks
77 Newspapers Stocks
78 Office Equipment Stocks
79 Oil and Gas Producers Stocks
80 Oil Refinery Stocks
81 Oilfield Services Stocks
82 Ophthalmic Goods Stocks
83 Ordnance And Accessories Stocks
84 Specialty Stores Stocks
85 Transportation Stocks
86 Package Goods and Cosmetics Stocks
87 Packaged Foods Stocks
88 Paper Stocks
89 Plastic Products Stocks
90 Pollution Control Stocks
91 Professional Services Stocks
92 Precision Instruments Stocks
93 Publishing Stocks
94 Radio Broadcasting Stocks
95 Railroad Stocks
96 Realestate Stocks
97 REITs Stocks
98 Recreational Products Stocks
99 Rental and Leasing Companies Stocks
100 Restaurants Stocks
101 Retail Building Materials Stocks
102 Retail Computer Software Stocks
103 Savings Instituitions Stocks
104 Semiconductors Stocks
105 Amusement & Recreation Stocks
106 Shoe Manufacturing Stocks
107 Speciality Chemicals Stocks
108 Speciality Foods Stocks
109 Specialty Insurers Stocks
110 Steel Ore Stocks
111 Telecommunications Equipments Stocks
112 Textiles Stocks
113 Transportation Services Stocks
114 Trucking Services Stocks
115 Water Supply Companies Stocks


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