The Complete List of Chinese ADRs

The Complete List of Chinese ADRs trading on the US Exchanges as of Jan 31, 2023 are listed below:

S.No.Company NameTickerExchangeIndustry
1111, Inc.YINASDAQHealthCareEquip.&Ser
217 Education & Technology GroupYQNASDAQSupport Services
4360 DigiTech, Inc.QFINNASDAQFinancial Services
6500.comWBAINYSELeisure Goods
751jobJOBSNASDAQSupport Services
9AcornATVNYSEGeneral Retailers
10Aesthetic MedicalAIHNASDAQHealthCareEquip.&Ser
11Agora, Inc.APINASDAQSoftware&ComputerSvc
12Airnet TechnologyANTENASDAQMedia
13Alibaba GroupBABANYSEGeneral Retailers
14AmbowAMBOYNYSESupport Services
15ATAATAINASDAQGeneral Retailers
16Atour Lifestyle Holdings LimitedATATNASDAQTravel & Leisure
17Aurora MobileJGNASDAQMobile Telecom.
18AutohomeATHMNYSEAutomobiles & Parts
21BeigeneBGNENASDAQPharma. & Biotech.
24Boqii Holding LimitedBQNYSEPersonal Goods
25Bright ScholarBEDUNYSESupport Services
27CangoCANGNYSEAutomobiles & Parts
28Cheetah MobileCMCMNYSESoftware&ComputerSvc
29China Digital TV HoldingSTVNYSEElectron.&ElectricEq
30China Distance EducationDLNYSEGeneral Retailers
31China Eastern AirlinesCEANYSETravel & Leisure
32China Finance OnlineJRJCNASDAQSoftware&ComputerSvc
33China Life InsuranceLFCNYSELife Insurance
34China LodgingHTHTNASDAQTravel & Leisure
35China National Offshore Oil-CNOOCCEONYSEOil & Gas Producers
36China Online EducationCOENYSESoftware&ComputerSvc
37China Petroleum & ChemicalSNPNYSEOil & Gas Producers
38China Rapid FinanceXRFNYSEFinancial Services
39China Southern AirlinesZNHNYSETravel & Leisure
41Chindata Group Holdings LimitedCDNASDAQTech.Hardware&Equip.
42Cloopen Group Holding LimitedRAASNYSESoftware&ComputerSvc
43CNFinance HoldingsCNFNYSEFinancial Services
44Concord Medical ServicesCCMNYSEHealthCareEquip.&Ser
45Cootek IncCTKNYSEMobile Telecom.
46Daqo New EnergyDQNYSEChemicals
47Douyou intl HoldingsDOYUNASDAQSoftware&ComputerSvc
48Dunxin Financial Holdings LimitedDXFNYSEPersonal Goods
49EHang HoldingsEHNASDAQTech.Hardware&Equip.
50eHi Car ServicesEHICNYSEAutomobiles & Parts
51Fang HoldingsSFUNNYSEMedia
52FangDD Network Group LtdDUONASDAQReal Estate Inv&Serv
53FanhuaFANHNASDAQNonlife Insurance
54Finvolution GroupFINVNYSEFinancial Services
55First High-School Education GroupFHSNYSEGeneral Industrials
56FLJ Group LimitedFLJNASDAQReal Estate Inv&Serv
57Four SeasonsFEDUNYSESupport Services
58Futu HoldingsFUTUNASDAQFinancial Services
59GDS HoldingsGDSNASDAQSoftware&ComputerSvc
60Genetron HoldingsGTHNASDAQPharma. & Biotech.
61Gracell BiotechnologiesGRCLNASDAQPharma. & Biotech.
62Graphex Group LimitedGRFXNYSEConstruct.&Materials
63GreenTree HospitalityGHGNYSETravel & Leisure
65GSX Techedu IncGSXNYSESoftware&ComputerSvc
66Guangshen RailwayGSHNYSETravel & Leisure
67Hailiang EducationHLGNASDAQMedia
68HexindaiHXNASDAQFinancial Services
70Huazhu GroupHTHTNASDAQTravel & Leisure
71Hutchison China MeditechHCMNASDAQHealthCareEquip.&Ser
73iKang Healthcare GroupKANGNASDAQHealthCareEquip.&Ser
75JD.comJDNASDAQGeneral Retailers
76JianpuJTNYSEFinancial Services
77Jianzhi Education Technology Group Company LimitedJZNASDAQSoftware&ComputerSvc
78Jiayin Group Inc.JFINNASDAQFinancial Services
79JinkoSolarJKSNYSEAlternative Energy
80JMU LimitedJMUNASDAQLeisure Goods
81Jupai HoldingsJPNYSEFinancial Services
82KE HoldingsBEKENYSEReal Estate Inv&Serv
83Kingsoft CloudKCNASDAQSoftware&ComputerSvc
84KongZhongKZNASDAQMobile Telecom.
85Laix IncLAIXNYSESoftware&ComputerSvc
86Leju HoldingsLEJUNYSEReal Estate Inv&Serv
87LexinFintechLXNASDAQFinancial Services
88LightInTheBoxLITBNYSEGeneral Retailers
89Link MotionLKMNYSESoftware&ComputerSvc
91Miniso Group Holding LimitedMNSONYSELeisure Goods
92Mogu Inc.MOGUNYSEGeneral Retailers
93Molecular DataMKDNASDAQSoftware&ComputerSvc
94Momo IncMOMONASDAQSoftware&ComputerSvc
96New Oriental Education & TechnologyEDUNYSEGeneral Retailers
97NIONIONYSEAutomobiles & Parts
98NIU TechnologiesNIUNASDAQPersonal Goods
99Noah HoldingsNOAHNYSEFinancial Services
100NQ MobileNQNYSESoftware&ComputerSvc
102OneSmartONENYSESupport Services
103Onion GlobalOGNYSEGeneral Retailers
104Phoenix New MediaFENGNYSEMedia
105PinduoduoPDDNASDAQGeneral Retailers
106PintecPTNASDAQFinancial Services
107Puyi Inc.PUYINASDAQFinancial Services
108QudianQDNYSEFinancial Services
110ReneSolaSOLNYSEAlternative Energy
111RenrenRENNNYSEGeneral Retailers
112RISEREDUNASDAQSupport Services
113Ruhnn Holding LimitedRUHNNASDAQMedia
114RYB EducationRYBNYSESupport Services
115SecooSECONASDAQPersonal Goods
116Sky Solar Holdings LtdSKYSNASDAQAlternative Energy
117Smart Share GlobalEMNASDAQElectron.&ElectricEq
119So-Young International IncSYNASDAQHealthCareEquip.&Ser
120Sunlands Technology GroupSTGNYSESupport Services
121TAL EducationTALNYSEGeneral Retailers
122TarenaTEDUNASDAQSupport Services
123Tencent MusicTMENYSESoftware&ComputerSvc
124The9NCTYNASDAQSoftware&ComputerSvc Group LimitedTCOMNASDAQTravel & Leisure
126TuanCheTCNASDAQAutomobiles & Parts
127Tuniu CorpTOURNASDAQTravel & Leisure
128Tuya Inc.TUYANYSESoftware&ComputerSvc
129uCloudlinkUCLNASDAQMobile Telecom.
130Up Fintech Holding LimitedTIGRNASDAQFinancial Services
131UxinUXINNASDAQAutomobiles & Parts
133VipshopVIPSNYSEGeneral Retailers
135Weibo CorporationWBNASDAQSoftware&ComputerSvc
136Wimi HologramWIMINASDAQSoftware&ComputerSvc
137X FinancialXYFNYSEFinancial Services
138Xinyuan Real EstateXINNYSEReal Estate Inv&Serv
140Yingli Green EnergyYGENYSEAlternative Energy
141Yirendai LimitedYRDNYSESoftware&ComputerSvc
143Yunji IncYJNASDAQGeneral Retailers
145Zai LabZLABNASDAQPharma. & Biotech.
146Zhaopin LTDZPINNYSESoftware&ComputerSvc
147ZTO ExpressZTONYSEIndustrialTransport.

The Complete List of Chinese ADRs trading on the US OTC Markets as of Jan 31, 2023 are listed below:

S.No.Company NameTickerIndustry
1AAC TechnologiesAACAYElectron.&ElectricEq
2AgileAGPYYReal Estate Inv&Serv
3Agricultural Bank of ChinaACGBYBanks
4Air ChinaAIRYYTravel & Leisure
5AjisenAJSCYSupport Services
6Aluminum Corporation of ChinaACHHYIndust.Metals&Mining
7Anhui Conch CementAHCHYConstruct.&Materials
8Anta SportsANPDYGeneral Retailers
9Anton Oilfield ServicesATONYOilEquip.,Serv.&Dist
10BAIC Motor CorporationBCCMYAutomobiles & Parts
11Bank of ChinaBACHYBanks
12Bank of CommunicationsBCMXYFinancial Services
13Bank of JinzhouBKJZYBanks
14Beijing Capital International AirpoBJCHYTravel & Leisure
15Blue Moon GroupBLUMYPersonal Goods
16Bosideng InternationalBSDGYGeneral Retailers
18Chaoda Modern AgricultureCMGHYFood Producers
19China BluechemicalCBLUYChemicals
20China Bohai BankCHBBYBanks
21China Coal EnergyCCOZYMining
22China Construction BankCICHYBanks
23China DongxiangCDGXYGeneral Retailers
24China EverbrightCEVIYFinancial Services
25China EvergrandeEGRNYReal Estate Inv&Serv
26China FeiheCFEIYFood &Drug Retailers
27China FoodsCHFHYFood Producers
28China GalaxyCGXYYFinancial Services
29China High-Speed Transmission EquipCHSTYIndustrialTransport.
30China HongqiaoCHHQYConstruct.&Materials
31China LiteratureCHLLYLeisure Goods
32China Longyuan PowerCLPXYAlternative Energy
33China Mengniu DairyCIADYFood Producers
34China Merchants BankCIHKYBanks
35China Merchants Port HoldingCMHHYIndustrialTransport.
36China Merchants Securities Co.,Ltd CNMMYFinancial Services
37China Minsheng BankingCMAKYBanks
38China National BuildingCBUMYConstruct.&Materials
39China Overseas Land & InvestmentCAOVYConstruct.&Materials
40China Railway Signal& CommunicationCRYCYElectron.&ElectricEq
41China Resources LandCRBJYReal Estate Inv&Serv
42China Resources PowerCRPJYMining
43China Shenhua EnergyCSUAYMining
44China Shineway PharmaceuticalCSWYYPharma. & Biotech.
45China SunergyCSUNYAlternative Energy
46China Taiping InsuranceCTIHYFinancial Services
47China Techfaith Wireless CommunicatCNTFYTech.Hardware&Equip.
48China TowerCTOWYMobile Telecom.
49China Vanke Co. LTDCHVKYReal Estate Inv&Serv
50Chongqing Rural CommercialCRCBYFinancial Services
51CITIC ResourcesCTJHYMining
52CITIC SecuritiesCIIHYFinancial Services
53COSCO SHIPPINGCSPKYIndustrialTransport.
54COSCO SHIPPING Development Co., Ltd.CITAYSupport Services
55COSCO SHIPPING Holdings Co.CICOYIndustrialTransport.
56Country GardenCTRYYReal Estate Inv&Serv
57CRRC Corporation LimitedCRCCYIndustrialTransport.
58CSPC PharmaceuticalCSPCYPharma. & Biotech.
59Daphne InternationalDPNEYGeneral Retailers
60Dongfeng MotorDNFGYAutomobiles & Parts
61Duoyuan Global WaterDGWIYGas,H20&Multiutility
62ENN EnergyXNGSYOil & Gas Producers
63Evergrande PropertyEVGPYReal Estate Inv&Serv
64FIH MobileFXCNYTech.Hardware&Equip.
65First TractorFIRRYConstruct.&Materials
66Forgame HoldingsFRGHYSoftware&ComputerSvc
67Fosun InternationalFOSUYPharma. & Biotech.
68Fuyao Glass Industry Group Co. LtdFYGGYAutomobiles & Parts
69Ganfeng Lithium Group Co., Ltd.GNENYIndust.Metals&Mining
70Great Wall MotorGWLLYAutomobiles & Parts
71Guangdong Investment LimitedGGDVYGas,H20&Multiutility
72Guangzhou AutomobileGNZUYAutomobiles & Parts
73Guangzhou R&F PropertiesGZUHYReal Estate Inv&Serv
74Guotai Junan SecuritiesGJJSYFinancial Services
75Haier Smart HomeHSHCYHouseGoods&HomeConst
76Haitong SecuritiesHAITYFinancial Services
77Hangzhou Tigermed ConsultingHNGZYPharma. & Biotech.
78Hengan International GroupHEGIYFinancial Services
79Hidili Industry International DevelHIIDQMining
80Huabao InternationalHUIHYChemicals
81Huadian Power InternationalHPIFYElectricity
82IFM InvestmentsCTCLYFinancial Services
83Industrial and Commercial Bank of ChinaIDCBYBanks
84Innovent BiologicsIVBIYPharma. & Biotech.
85JD Health InternationalJDHIYFood &Drug Retailers
86Jiangsu ExpresswayJEXYYIndustrialTransport.
87Jinke Smart ServicesJKSSYReal Estate Inv&Serv
88JNBY DesignJNBBYGeneral Retailers
89Jutal Offshore Oil ServicesJUTOYOil & Gas Producers
90Kingboard Holdings LimitedKBDCYChemicals
91Kingdee International SoftwareKGDEYSoftware&ComputerSvc
92Kingsoft CorporationKGFTYSoftware&ComputerSvc
93Kuaishou TechnologyKSHTYMedia
94Kunlun EnergyKLYCYOil & Gas Producers
95LDK SolarLDKYQAlternative Energy
96Lentuo InternationalLASLYGeneral Retailers
97Li NingLNNGYPersonal Goods
98Longfor Group Holdings LimitedLGFRYReal Estate Inv&Serv
99Longtop Financial TechnologiesLGFTYSoftware&ComputerSvc
100Lonking HoldingsLKHLYIndustrial Engineer.
101Luckin CoffeeLKNCYFood &Drug Retailers
103MeituanMPNGYGeneral Retailers
104Metallurgical Corporation of ChinaMLLUYConstruct.&Materials
105Minth GroupMNTHYAutomobiles & Parts
106Mongolia EnergyMOAEYMining
107Nongfu Spring Co. Ltd.NOGFYBeverages
108NWSNWSGYSupport Services
109Parkson RetailPKSGYGeneral Retailers
110PICC Property and CasualtyPPCCYNonlife Insurance
111Ping An Healthcare and TechnologyPIAHYHealthCareEquip.&Ser
112Ping An Insurance Company of ChinaPNGAYLife Insurance
113Pop Mart International Group LimitedPMRTYGeneral Retailers
114Postal Savings Bank of China Co., Ltd.PSTVYBanks
115RemeGen CompanyREGMYPharma. & Biotech.
116Shandong Molong Petroleum MachinerySHANYOilEquip.,Serv.&Dist
117Shandong Xinhua Pharmaceutical Co.SHNXYPharma. & Biotech.
118Shanghai ElectricSIELYIndustrial Engineer.
119Shanghai PharmaceuticalsSHPMYPharma. & Biotech.
120Shenzen Investment HoldingsSIHBYIndustrialTransport.
121Shenzhen InvestmentSZNTYFinancial Services
122Shenzhou InternationalSHZHYGeneral Industrials
123Shimao ServicesSHMSYReal Estate Inv&Serv
124Sinofert HoldingsSNFRYChemicals
125Sino-OceanSIOLYReal Estate Inv&Serv
126Sinopec EngineeringSNPRYConstruct.&Materials
127Sinopec Shanghai PetrochemicalSHIIYChemicals
128Sinopharm GroupSHTDYPharma. & Biotech.
129SinotrukSHKLYGeneral Industrials
130Smoore InternationalSMHRYTobacco
131Stella InternationalSLNLYGeneral Retailers
132Sun Art RetailSURRYFood &Drug Retailers
133SunacSNCHYReal Estate Inv&Serv
134Sunac ServicesSSHLYReal Estate Inv&Serv
135Sunny Optical TechnologySOTGYGeneral Retailers
137Tingyi (Cayman Islands) Holding Corp.TYCMYFood Producers
138TravelSky TechnologyTSYHYSoftware&ComputerSvc
139Tsingtao BreweryTSGTYBeverages
140Uni-President ChinaUPCHYFood Producers
141Want Want ChinaWWNTYFood Producers
142Weichai PowerWEICYIndustrial Engineer.
143WuXi AppTecWUXAYHealthCareEquip.&Ser
144Wuxi BiologicsWXXWYPharma. & Biotech.
146Xinjiang Goldwind Science & TechXNJJYAlternative Energy
147Xinyi Solar HoldingsXISHYIndustrial Engineer.
148Yankuang Energy Group Co. Ltd.YZCAYMining
149Zhaojin Mining IndustryZHAOYIndust.Metals&Mining
150ZhongAn onlineZZHGYNonlife Insurance
151Zhongyuan BankZNNGYBanks
152Zhuzhou CRRC Times Electric Co.,ZHUZYElectron.&ElectricEq
153Zijin Mining GroupZIJMYMining
154Zoomlion Heavy IndustryZLIOYConstruct.&Materials
155Zuoan FashionZAHLYPersonal Goods

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  2. The Complete list of Chinese ADRs trading on the OTC Markets 

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  1. charles
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  2. Comment Reported due to accidental deletion:

    Author: Dave

    Thank you for this terrific list.
    One question as to how these ADR’s structurally differ from VIE’s (Variable Interest Entities)
    I know that as an example, BIDU, BABA, & JD are VIE’s using Cayman Island shell companies.
    Are ADR’s the same as VIE’s?

  3. Hi Dave
    ADRs are not the same as VIEs.

    In a simple form, ADR holders own the company’s stock but not directly but by an intermediary like a depository institution like BNY Mellon. They buy common stock of a company in the domestic market and then create ADRs for American investors to invest in them without the hassle of dealing with foreign currencies and stuff.

    Hope this helps.

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  10. Sure. Good idea. It will take some effort to do that since market cap changes daily. So I will first add the top 10 market cap stocks and then work on adding the market cap column. Thx.

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