The Complete List of Recreational Products Stocks Trading on NASDAQ

The Complete List of Recreational Products Stocks Trading on NASDAQ as of Sept 13, 2023 are listed below:

1Academy Sports and Outdoors Inc. ASOUnited States
2Activision Blizzard Inc. ATVIUnited States
3Vinco Ventures Inc. BBIGUnited States
4Blue Hat Interactive Entertainment Technology BHATChina
5Clarus Corporation CLARUnited States
6Cimpress plc CMPRNetherlands
7Connexa Sports Technologies Inc. CNXAUnited States
8Electronic Arts Inc. EAUnited States
9Escalade Incorporated ESCAUnited States
10Funko Inc. FNKOUnited States
11Hasbro Inc. HASUnited States
12JAKKS Pacific Inc. JAKKUnited States
13Johnson Outdoors Inc. JOUTUnited States
14Mattel Inc. MATUnited States
15Malibu Boats Inc. MBUUUnited States
16MasterCraft Boat Holdings Inc. MCFTUnited States
17NetEase Inc. NTESChina
18PLBY Group Inc. PLBYUnited States
19Red Rock Resorts Inc. RRRUnited States

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1Blue Hat Interactive Entertainment TechnologyBHATChina
2Clarus CorporationCLARUSA
3Escalade IncorporatedESCAUSA
4Funko Inc.FNKOUSA
5Greenlane Holdings Inc.GNLNUSA
6Hasbro Inc.HASUSA
8Johnson Outdoors Inc.JOUTUSA
9Mattel Inc.MATUSA
10The Michaels Companies Inc.MIKUSA
11Vinco Ventures Inc.BBIGUSA


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