Foreign ADRs List

This page lists the adrs by country trading on the NYSE, NASDAQ and OTC markets. It also shows the adrs list by sector and GDRs by country. Clicking on each link takes the user to a separate page where all the individual adrs are listed.

a) ADR lists by Region and Country:

1) Developed Europe

S.No.CountryList Name (includes all NYSE, NASDAQ and OTC-listed stocks)
1AustriaAustria ADRs
2BelgiumBelgium ADRs
3CyprusCyprus ADRs
4DenmarkDenmark ADRs
5FinlandFinland ADRs
6FranceFrance ADRs
7GermanyGermany ADRs
8GibraltarGibraltar ADRs
9GreeceGreece ADRs
10IcelandIceland ADRs
11IrelandIreland ADRs
12Isle of ManIsle of Man ADRs
13ItalyItaly ADRs
14JerseyJersey ADRs
15LuxembourgLuxembourg ADRs
16MaltaMalta ADRs
17NorwayNorway ADRs
18PortugalPortugal ADRs
19SpainSpain ADRs
20SwedenSweden ADRs
21SwitzerlandSwitzerland ADRs
22The NetherlandsDutch ADRs
23UKBritish ADRs

2) Developed Asia

S.No.CountryList Name (includes all NYSE, NASDAQ and OTC-listed stocks)
1AustraliaAustralia ADRs
2Hong KongHong Kong ADRs
3JapanJapan ADRs
4New ZealandNew Zealand ADRs
5SingaporeSingapore ADRs
6South KoreaKorea ADRs
7TaiwanTaiwan ADRs

3) Latin America & Caribbean

S.No.CountryList Name (includes all NYSE, NASDAQ and OTC-listed stocks)
1ArgentinaArgentina ADRs
2BermudaBermuda ADRs
3BoliviaBolivia ADRs
4BrazilBrazil ADRs
5ChileChile ADRs
6ColombiaColombia ADRs
7Dominican RepublicDominican Republic ADRs
8EcuadorEcuador ADRs
9JamaicaJamaica ADRs
10MexicoMexico ADRs
11PanamaPanama ADRs
12PeruPeru ADRs
13Uruguay ADRsUruguay ADRs
14VenezuelaVenezuela ADRs

4) Emerging Asia

S.No.CountryList Name (includes all NYSE, NASDAQ and OTC-listed stocks)
1ChinaChina ADRs
2IndiaIndia ADRs
3IndonesiaIndonesia ADRs
4MalaysiaMalaysia ADRs
5PakistanPakistan ADRs
6PhillipinesPhillipines ADRs
7ThailandThailand ADRs
8VietnamVietnam Stocks

5) Emerging Europe

S.No.CountryList Name (includes all NYSE, NASDAQ and OTC-listed stocks)
1Czech RepublicCzech ADRs
2HungaryHungary ADRs
3KazakhsthanKazakh ADRs
4PolandPoland ADRs
5RomaniaRomania ADRs
6RussiaRussia ADRs
7TurkeyTurkey ADRs
8UkraineUkraine ADRs

6) Middle East & Africa

S.No.CountryList Name (includes all NYSE, NASDAQ and OTC-listed stocks)
1EgyptEgypt ADRs
2IsraelIsrael ADRs
3JordanJordan ADRs
4NamibiaNamibia ADRs
5South AfricaSouth Africa ADRs
7ZambiaZambia ADRs
8ZimababweZimababwe ADRs

7) Canada – Interlisted Stocks

S.No.CountryInter-listed Stocks List
1CanadaThe Complete List of Canada Stocks Trading on US Markets

b) ADR Lists By Sector:

1) Exchange-listed Sector ADRs list:

S.No.Exchange-listed ADRs List Name
1Aerospace and Defense ADRs
2Airline ADRs
3Alternative Energy ADRs
4Automobiles and Parts ADRs
5Bank ADRs
6Beverage ADRs
7Chemical ADRs
8Construction and Materials ADRs
9Electricity ADRs
10Electronic Equipment ADRs
11Financial Services ADRs
12Food and Drug Retailers
13Food Producers ADRs
14Forestry and Paper ADRs
15General Industrial ADRs
16General Retailers ADRs
17Healthcare Equipment and Services ADRs
18Household Goods and HomeConstruction ADRs
19Industrial Engineering ADRs
20Industrial Metals and Mining ADRs
21Industrial Transports ADRs
22Leisure Goods ADRs
23Life Insurance ADRs
24Media ADRs
25Mining ADRs
26Non-life Insurance ADRs
27Oil and Gas Producers ADRs
28Personal and Leisure Goods ADRs
29Pharma and Biotech ADRs
30Real Estate Investment and Services ADRs
32Software and Computer Services ADRs
33Support Services ADRs
34Tech Hardware and Equipment ADRs
35Telecom ADRs
36Tobacco ADRs
37Travel and Leisure ADRs
38Utility ADRs

2) OTC-Traded ADRs by Industry list:

S.No.OTC-Traded ADRs by Industry
1Aerospace and Defense OTC ADRs
2Airline OTC ADRs
3Alternative Energy OTC ADRs
4Auto and Parts OTC ADRs
5Bank OTC ADRs
6Beverage OTC ADRs
7 Chemical OTC ADRs
8Construction Materials OTC ADRs
9Electronics and Electrical Equipments ADRs
10Electricity OTC ADRs
11 Financial Services OTC ADRs
12 Fixed Line Telecom OTC ADRs
13Food and Drug Retailers OTC ADRs
14Food Producers OTC ADRs
15Forestry and Paper OTC ADRs
16General Industrials OTC ADRs
17General Retailers OTC ADRs
18Healthcare Equipment and
Services OTC ADRs
19Household Goods OTC ADRs
20 Industrial Engineering OTC ADRs
21Industrial Metals and Mining OTC ADRs
22 Industrial Transports OTC ADRs
23Leisure Goods OTC ADRs
24Life Insurance OTC ADRs
25Media OTC ADRs
26Mining OTC ADRs
27Mobile Telecom OTC ADRs
28 Multi-Utilities OTC ADRs
29Nonlife Insurance ADRs
30Oil and Gas Producers OTC ADRs
31Oil Equipment and Service Provider OTC ADRs
32Personal Goods OTC ADRs
33Pharma and Biotech ADRs
34Real Estate Investment and Services OTC ADRs
36Software and Computer Services OTC ADRs
37 Support Services OTC ADRs
38 Technical Hardware OTC ADRs
39Tobacco OTC ADRs
40 Travel and Leisure OTC ADRs


c) GDR Lists by Country:

S.No.GDRs by Country
1Argentina GDRs
2Bahrain GDRs
3Bangladesh GDRs
4Brazil GDRs
5British GDRs
6Bulgaria GDRs
7Chile GDRs
8China GDRs
9Colombia GDRs
10Croatia GDRs
11Czech GDRs
12Dutch GDRs
13Finland GDRs
14France GDRs
15Georgia GDRs
16Greece GDRs
17Hong Kong GDRs
18Hungary GDRs
19India GDRs
20Indonesia GDRs
21Ireland GDRs
22Israel GDRs
23Italy GDRs
24Japan GDRs
25Jordan GDRs
26Kazakhstan GDRs
27Kuwait GDRs
28Lebanon GDRs
29Lithuania GDRs
30Malta GDRs
31Mexico GDRs
32Morocco GDRs
33Nigeria GDRs
34Oman GDRs
35Pakistan GDRs
36Peru GDRs
37Philippines GDRs
38Polish GDRs
39Portugal GDRs
40Qatar GDRs
41Romania GDRs
42Russia GDRs
43South Africa GDRs
44South Korea GDRs
45Sri Lanka GDRs
46Taiwan GDRs
47Thailand GDRs
48Tunisia GDRs
49Turkey GDRs
50Ukraine GDRs
52Zimbabwe GDRs


We are working on more lists. Will be posted soon.

Thanks for your patience !!


  1. I am looking for historical ADR lists for specific countries. i.e. Sweden 2008 list of ADRS. Where can I find that? Thank you.

  2. Author: David (IP:,
    Email: [email protected]
    Can you provide a link to download all ADRs from all countries that are traded on US stock exchanges; so that I don’t have to download all the lists myself and put them all together for a symbol list for my trading program. I want to add all ADRs to my list of All US Stocks.

  3. Hi David,
    Do you know where I can find a list of US companies that also trade on foreign exchanges, FTSE, DAX etc?
    Many Thanks.

  4. Dan
    Sorry for the delayed reply.Getting back in the saddle after a vacation.

    Unfortunately I do not know of a site that has the info you are looking for. One way is to search in each exchange site like DAX, FTSE, etc.but it will be a painful process.I know in the UK brokers usually allow to buy US stocks but they buy it directly in the US exchanges. I have seen a few German companies trade on the FTSE with a different ticker than the domestic market. The only advantage with buying such stocks is avoiding the currency conversion. But most US companies seem to want investors to buy stocks directly in the US markets.

    If I have time I will do some research on your question and post some lists.


  5. Hi Eric
    We cannot have a list of exchange-listed ADRs that pay qualified dividends since that is determined by the shareholder country’s tax laws. All ADRs pay just pay dividends. A broker of the shareholder receiving them will determine if it is a qualified dividend when it is credited to the account.

    So in the US, if an investor holds an ADR for more than a year (excl. REITs) then the dividends received will be treated as qualified dividends. The company paying the dividend does not care or know what the receiver’s situation is. Hence it is up to you to hold stocks for more than a year to take advantage of lower tax rates. Hope this helps.

    Good luck!

  6. Hi David
    What are the top five foreign countries whose stocks are listed on NASDAQ for the last five years and what is the total number of foreign companies listed? I have looked but cannot pinpoint the data.

  7. Ian
    I am not sure if I have the info you are looking for.But Israel and Canada would be on the top five countries listed on NASDAQ in the past five years.
    There are a few hundred foreign companies listed on NASDAQ. You can find it in the screener here: You can download the entire list of foreign firms on lists by country there.

    I am working on putting together a consolidated list of foreign firms on US exchanges. I will upload that to my site this long weekend.

    Hope this helps.

  8. Hi,
    Do you happen to keep the historical data of ADRs? From the year 2000 to the year 2020?

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