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Here you will find quality information and research on international stocks traded in the US Markets as ADRs (American Depository Receipts) .We plan to concentrate on Canadian, European and Latin American stocks initially. As the site grows, we will include other ADRs from countries in Asia and Africa as well.

We have included Canadian Inter-listed stocks as it is often overlooked by US investors and funds.

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  1. One thing that would be good to know more about are dividends and distributions paid on ADRs. It’s not always clear to me from their websites how often, say, ICICI Bank or Toyota ADRs will give dividends. It often seems to be only once a year. But I’d like to find ADRs that pay quarterly.

  2. Money Energy is correct. Most services like Yahoo finance do not report the correct yield because some foreign dividend stocks pay a higher dividend in the second half than the first half of the year. Others pay once an year and the rest pay out quarterly.

  3. Sorry MoneyEnergy – I forgot to reply to your comment. Yes finding clear information on ADRs of some companies can be tricky. But for many companies you can find information we need in their corporate site or ADR.com and other dividend database sites. Some pay quarterly (Canadian ones), some monthly and yearly once(Brazil’s BBD,ITU) and some twice a year (British banks like LYG). Let me know if you have questions.

  4. Dividend Growth Investor
    Yes.Yahoo finance is not good finding dividend yields on any company let alone foreign ADRs. We have to look at other sites to get that information. Yes some stocks BCS, LYG etc pay an interim dividend and then a final dividend.Interim is usually smaller than the final one. Some stocks BCH (Chile) just pay once a year.But that yield is very good.

  5. I’m trying to get in touch with David but the email link “hunkar AT topforeignstocks.com” is not working. Is there an alternate address I can use?

  6. Need links to list of ETFs and US stocks listed on Toronto, London, Frankfurt stock exchanges but traded in US Dollors. Thanks

  7. Author: Raja Reddy (XXX.co.in)
    Email: [email protected]
    I am a Phd student from India. I would like to know whether you have data on Indian firms which have issued ADRs for the period 1990-2017.
    Kindly share this information or let me know if there is any possibility of getting this data.

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