The Complete List of Property & Casualty Insurer Stocks Trading on the NASDAQ

The Complete List of Property & Casualty Insurer stocks trading on the NASDAQ as of Sept 19, 2022 are shown below:

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S.No.Company NameTickerCountry
1Arch Capital Group Ltd.ACGLBermuda
2Cincinnati Financial CorporationCINFUnited States
3Conifer Holdings Inc.CNFRUnited States
4Donegal Group Inc.DGICAUnited States
5Donegal Group Inc. Class BDGICBUnited States
6Enstar Group LimitedESGRBermuda
7FedNat Holding CompanyFNHCUnited States
8FG Financial Group Inc.FGFUnited States
9Global Indemnity Group LLCGBLIIreland
10Greenlight Capital Re Ltd.GLRECayman Islands
11Hallmark Financial Services Inc.HALLUnited States
12ICC Holdings Inc.ICCHUnited States
13International General Insurance Holdings Ltd.IGICJordan
14James River Group Holdings Ltd.JRVRBermuda
15Kinsale Capital Group Inc.KNSLUnited States
16Maiden Holdings Ltd.MHLDBermuda
17Metromile Inc.MILEUnited States
18National Security Group Inc.NSECUnited States
19NI Holdings Inc.NODKUnited States
20NMI Holdings Inc.NMIHUnited States
21Oxbridge Re Holdings LimitedOXBRCayman Islands
22Palomar Holdings Inc.PLMRUnited States
23Root Inc.ROOTUnited States
24Safety Insurance Group Inc.SAFTUnited States
25Selective Insurance Group Inc.SIGIUnited States
26State Auto Financial CorporationSTFCUnited States
27Trean Insurance Group Inc.TIGUnited States
28Unico American CorporationUNAMUnited States
29United Fire Group Inc.UFCSUnited States
30United Insurance Holdings Corp.UIHCUnited States

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