The Complete List of Industrial Specialties Stocks Trading on NASDAQ

The Complete List of Industrial Specialties Stocks Trading on NASDAQ as of Jan 19, 2024 are listed below:

1ADS-TEC Energy PlcADSEIreland
2Align Technology Inc. ALGNUnited States
3Blink Charging Co. BLNKUnited States
4Bone Biologics Corp BBLGUnited States
5CollPlant Biotechnologies Ltd CLGNIsrael
6Distribution Solutions Group Inc. DSGRUnited States
7DMC Global Inc. BOOMUnited States
8Establishment Labs Holdings Inc. ESTACosta Rica
9FGI Industries Ltd. FGIUnited States
10Hudson Technologies Inc. HDSNUnited States
11Inogen Inc INGNUnited States
12Intuitive Surgical Inc. ISRGUnited States
13Jin Medical International LtdZJYL
14Lakeland Industries Inc. LAKEUnited States
15LogicMark Inc. LGMKUnited States
16Modular Medical Inc. MODDUnited States
17NanoVibronix Inc. NAOVUnited States
18Northern Technologies International Corporation NTICUnited States
19Nutriband Inc. NTRBUnited States
20Omega Flex Inc. OFLXUnited States
21Pool Corporation POOLUnited States
22Pulmonx Corporation LUNGUnited States
23ReWalk Robotics Ltd. RWLKIsrael
24Schnitzer Steel Industries Inc. RDUSUnited States
25Sientra Inc. SIENUnited States
26TriMas Corporation TRSUnited States
27urban-gro Inc. UGROUnited States
28Virco Manufacturing Corporation VIRCUnited States
29Willis Lease Finance Corporation WLFCUnited States
30XPEL Inc. XPELUnited States

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