The Complete List of Farming Stocks Trading on the NYSE

The Complete List of Farming/Seed Stocks Trading on the NYSE as of Sept 4, 2022 are listed below:

Note: If you are looking for Farming Stocks trading on the NASDAQ click here.

S.No.Company NameTickerCountry
1Adecoagro S.A.AGROLuxembourg
2Archer-Daniels-Midland CompanyADMUnited States
3Benson Hill Inc.BHILUnited States
4Brasilagro Brazilian Agric Real Estate CoLNDBrazil
5Bunge Limited Bunge LimitedBGUnited States
6Burford Capital LimitedBURUnited Kingdom
7Darling Ingredients Inc.DARUnited States
8Dole plcDOLEIreland
9Flowers Foods Inc.FLOUnited States
10Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc.FDPCayman Islands
11Ingredion IncorporatedINGRUnited States
12Local Bounti CorporationLOCLUnited States
13McCormick & Company IncorporatedMKCUnited States
14Primo Water CorporationPRMWCanada

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The Complete List of Farming Stocks Trading on NASDAQ

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