Countries That Have Nuclear Weapons: Infographic

The top two countries owing the most nuclear weapons in the world are Russia and the U.S. Among the European countries, France and the UK are the only countries with nuclear stockpiles. In the Middle East, Israel is the secretive nuclear power. North Korea is another secretive nuclear nation. It is widely believed that owing …

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Road Safety in Europe by Country: Infographic

The UK has the highest road safety in Europe followed by Ireland and Denmark. The country with the worst safety record is Romania followed by Bulgaria and Croatia. These rankings are based on the number of fatalities per million of the population in 2018. Italy has double the number of road fatalities relative to the …

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Apple is Worth More Than The Australian Stock Market

The current market capitalization of Apple(AAPL) is $1.53 Trillion in US Dollars. This is equivalent to approximately $2.16 Trillion Australian Dollars. The entire market capitalization of the Australian domestic market capitalization is ~A$1.9 Trillion. Source: Market Index The below chart shows the long-term growth of Apple(AAPL): Click to enlarge Source: Yahoo Finance Disclosure: No Positions