Gold Offers Portfolio Protection During Drawdowns

Gold offers excellent protection to a well diversified portfolio during market crashes. Gold, as an asset class is not a great tool for generating income. However when markets head south most investors dump stocks and try to seek refuge in assets like gold. In general, gold tends to perform well during crises. For example, during …

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Gold vs. S&P 500 Long-Term Returns: Chart

Gold is a safe heaven asset class. During adverse market conditions for stocks gold tend to perform better and vice versa. To put it another way, bear market in stocks can be bull market for gold and vice versa. The following chart shows the long-term return of gold vs. S&P 500: Click to enlarge Source: Is …

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How Does Gold Perform During Recessions ?

Investors tend to seek safe haven assets during periods of economic contractions.During the last three recessions, gold easily outperformed stocks and also bonds as shown in the chart below: click to enlarge Source: The pros and cons of gold, Blackrock Related ETF: SPDR Gold Trust (GLD) Disclosure: No Positions

Is Gold Better Than Other Assets Over The Very Long Term?

Gold has outperform ed other assets during some periods in the past. Usually when investors look for safe haven such as during bear markets they tend to flock to gold. However during most time when equity markets are “normal” or in growth mode, gold has lagged other assets. Over the really long term gold has …

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