The Complete List of Russian ADRs

The Complete List of Russian ADRs trading on the US Exchanges as of Apr 20,2022 are listed below:

Note #1Trading of Russian Companies on US Stock Exchanges Halted (Effective Feb 28, 2022)

Note #2: Some Russian ADRs Can Be Converted To Ordinary Shares Now

Note #3: Putin signs decree to remove Russian stocks from overseas exchanges in huge blow to the nation’s billionaires, Yahoo Finance, April 19, 2022

S.No.ADR NameTickerExchangeIndustry
1Cian PLC^CIANNYSE^Software&ComputerSvc
2 HeadHunter Group PLC ^HHRNASDAQ^Recruiting
3Mechel Steel^MTLNYSE^Indust.Metals&Mining
4Mobile Telesystems Public Joint Stock Company^MBTNYSE^Mobile Telecom.
5Nexters Inc ^GDEVNASDAQ^ Video Games
6Ozon Holdings PLC^OZONNASDAQ^Personal Goods
7QIWI^QIWINASDAQ^Financial Services

^ – NYSE and NASDAQ have halted trading of all Russian stocks effective Feb 28th, 2022, WSJ

*  – Yandex is registered in The Netherlands

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The Complete List of Russian ADRs trading on the US OTC Markets are listed below:

Note: Trading of Russian Stocks on all markets including OTC remains suspended until further notice.

S.No.ADR NameTickerIndustry
1Aeroflot Russian AirlinesN/AIndustrialTransport.
2Gazprom Neft PJSCN/AOil & Gas Producers
4PJSC GazpromN/AOil & Gas Producers
5PJSC LukoilN/AOil & Gas Producers
6PJSC MMC Norilsk NickelN/AIndust.Metals&Mining
7PJSC PolyusN/AIndust.Metals&Mining
8PJSC TatneftN/AOil & Gas Producers
9Polymetal InternationalN/AMining
10Primorsk Shipping CorporationN/AIndustrialTransport.
11RostelecomN/AFixed Line Telecom.
13Surgutneftegas PJSCN/AOil & Gas Producers

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Russia ETFs:

  1. Market Vectors Russia ETF (RSX)
  2. Direxion Daily Russia Bull 3X ETF (RUSL)
  3. iShares MSCI Russia Capped Index Fund (ERUS)
  4. Market Vectors Russia Small-Cap ETF (RSXJ)
  5. Direxion Daily Russia Bear 3x Shares ETF (RUSS)
  6. SPDR S&P Russia ETF(RBL)

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  1. Dear Sirs,

    I’m writing a dissertation thesis about the Russian stock market and I came across your website accidentally. The part regarding the Russian companies ADRs is very useful but I would to ask you soe things more about it:
    – are these the only ADR of Russian companies traded all over the world? Does Euronext or some other exchanges have Russian ADRs?
    – Where have you been able to retrieve the information in order to make ths list? I have been searching for about one week on the web but haven’t found anything so far.
    – I noticed that unfortunately in this list the ordinary-to ADR-listing ratio misses as well as the price of each ADR, are you able to give me more info about it?

    Thank you


  2. David
    Thanks for your comment.Here are my answers:
    1.Yes. Euronext and other places have Russian stocks trading on the markets.These are called GDRs – Global Depository Receipts. You can find there:

    2.Here are some sites where I collect ADR info:

    3.You can find the ratio in the BNY Mellon and other three sites. Also you can find the prices there or on Yahoo Finance.

    Hope this helps.

    Good luck with your dissertation.

  3. Pl clarify on the following
    Where the trading book of rosneft GDRs is kept?. Is it in USA as JPMorgan handles depositary servises for Rosneft GDRs?
    whether Rosneft gdrs or adrs traded in USA

  4. Max
    Sorry about that error. I had it correctly in the Excel download file but marked it as NYSE in the table displayed. I have fixed it now.
    Thanks for pointing out this error.


  5. Hi there! Cool info, can you suggest where to find a current complete list of russian companies that went public on international stock exchange markets? Thanks!

  6. Sorry I missed Yandex. I thought I had it in The Netherlands list since they are registered there.
    Anyway I have added in both the places. Thanks for pointing this out.

  7. I’m trying to find an answer to this. The Russian stocks traded as ADRs on the NYSE, some of these pay dividends. Will dividends be suspended? And the dividends are taxed and paid to the Russian Government. Or will Russian ADR stocks be delisted from the NYSE?

  8. Yes. Unfortunately dividends are suspended for all Russian companies by the Russian Government order until further notice:

    Use Google translate to read it in English.

    Currently all ADRs on NYSE and NASDAQ are halted. Once the trading halt is lifted we will know if they continue. Or they can be delisted before that. Either way we have to wait and see:


  9. LUKOY is the ADR trading on the OTC markets in the US. LKOD is the ADR trading on the London Stock Exchange (London International Market). If you are in the US you buy LUKOY. In the UK you buy LKOD. Because the markets are different and the underlying shares with currency conversions the prices are different.
    Both are suspended now until further notice. So we have to wait until trading resumes.

  10. Hi David,

    Any advice on converting LKOD to shares? I’ve been looking into Clearstream/DTC and am a bit confused.

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