The Complete List of Indian GDRs

For ADRs: The Full List of Indian ADRs

The complete list of Indian GDRs trading in the London, Singapore and Luxembourg exchanges and on the Portal as of Oct, 2018 are shown in the table below:

S.No.CompanyTickerStock ExchangeRatio DR:ORDIndustry
1Ambuja Cements - Reg. S--Luxembourg Stock Exchange1:1Construct.&Materials
2Aptech (Lux Listed) - Reg. S--Luxembourg Stock Exchange1:4Software&ComputerSvc
3Aqua Logistics - Reg. S--Luxembourg Stock Exchange1:23Support Services
4Axis Bank - 144AAXBALondon Stock Exchange1:5Banks
5Axis Bank - Reg. SAXBLondon Stock Exchange1:5Banks
6Bajaj Holdings & Investment - Reg SBAUDLondon Stock Exchange1:1Automobiles & Parts
7Bharat Forge - 144A--Luxembourg Stock Exchange1:1Indust.Metals&Mining
8Bharat Hotels - Reg. S--Luxembourg Stock Exchange1:2Travel & Leisure
9Bombay Dyeing & Manufacturing - Reg. S--Luxembourg Stock Exchange1:1Personal Goods
10CG Power and Industrial Solutions-144ACGVALondon Stock Exchange1:5Electron.&ElectricEq
11CG Power and Industrial Solutions-Reg. SCGVDLondon Stock Exchange1:5Electron.&ElectricEq
12Dish TV India - Reg. S--Luxembourg Stock Exchange1:1000Electron.&ElectricEq
13Federal Bank - 144AFEDALondon Stock Exchange1:1Banks
14Federal Bank - Reg. SFEDSLondon Stock Exchange1:1Banks
15Finolex Cables - 144A--Luxembourg Stock Exchange1:1Electron.&ElectricEq
16GAIL India - 144AGAIALondon Stock Exchange1:6Oil & Gas Producers
17GAIL India - Reg. SGAIDLondon Stock Exchange1:6Oil & Gas Producers
18Grasim Industries - Reg. S--Luxembourg Stock Exchange1:1Construct.&Materials
19Great Eastern Energy - Reg. SGEECLondon Stock Exchange2:1Mining
20HDFC Bank - Reg. S--Luxembourg Stock Exchange2:1Banks
21Hindalco Industries - 144A--Luxembourg Stock Exchange1:1Indust.Metals&Mining
22Indiabulls Housing Finance - Reg. S--Luxembourg Stock Exchange1:1Financial Services
23Indiabulls Real Estate - 144A--Luxembourg Stock Exchange1:1Real Estate Inv&Serv
24Indiabulls Real Estate - Reg. S--Luxembourg Stock Exchange1:1Real Estate Inv&Serv
25Indiabulls Securities - Reg. S--Luxembourg Stock Exchange1:1Financial Services
26Industrial Investment Trust - Reg. S--Luxembourg Stock Exchange1:2Financial Services
27ITC - Reg. S--Luxembourg Stock Exchange1:1Food Producers
28Jindal Stainless (Hisar) - Reg. S--Luxembourg Stock Exchange1:2General Industrials
29Jindal Stainless - Reg. S--Luxembourg Stock Exchange2:1Indust.Metals&Mining
30Kesoram Industries - Reg. S--Luxembourg Stock Exchange1:1Construct.&Materials
31Larsen & Toubro - Reg. SLTODLondon Stock Exchange1:1Construct.&Materials
32Mascon Global - Reg. S--Luxembourg Stock Exchange1:4Financial Services
33NCC - Reg. S--Luxembourg Stock Exchange1:1Construct.&Materials
34Noida Toll Bridge - Reg. SNTBCLondon Stock Exchange1:5Industrial Engineer.
35Orchid Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals - 144AOCPALondon Stock Exchange1:1HealthCareEquip.&Ser
36Orchid Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals - Reg. SOCPLondon Stock Exchange1:1HealthCareEquip.&Ser
37Oriental Hotels - Reg. S--Luxembourg Stock Exchange1:1Travel & Leisure
38Panama Petrochem - Reg. S--Luxembourg Stock Exchange1:5Oil & Gas Producers
39RattanIndia Infrastructure Limited - Reg. S--Luxembourg Stock Exchange1:1Industrial Engineer.
40Raymond - Reg. S--Luxembourg Stock Exchange1:2HouseGoods&HomeConst
41Reliance Capital - Reg. S--Luxembourg Stock Exchange1:1Financial Services
42Reliance Communications - Reg. S--Luxembourg Stock Exchange1:1Mobile Telecom.
43Reliance Infrastructure - 144ARIFALondon Stock Exchange1:3Electricity
44Reliance Infrastructure - Reg. SRIFSLondon Stock Exchange1:3Electricity
45Reliance Power - Reg. S--Luxembourg Stock Exchange1:1Electricity
46SREI Infrastructure Finance - 144ASRIALondon Stock Exchange1:4Financial Services
47SREI Infrastructure Finance - Reg. SSRILondon Stock Exchange1:4Financial Services
48State Bank of India - 144ASBIALondon Stock Exchange1:10Banks
49State Bank of India - Reg. SSBIDLondon Stock Exchange1:10Banks
50Steel Authority of India - 144ASAUALondon Stock Exchange1:15Indust.Metals&Mining
51Steel Authority of India - Reg. SSAUDLondon Stock Exchange1:15Indust.Metals&Mining
52Subex - Reg. SSUBXLondon Stock Exchange1:1Software&ComputerSvc
53Suzlon Energy - Reg. S--Luxembourg Stock Exchange1:4Electron.&ElectricEq
54Tata Global Beverages - 144ATGBALondon Stock Exchange1:1Beverages
55Tata Global Beverages - Reg. S--Luxembourg Stock Exchange1:1Beverages
56Tata Power - Reg. S--Luxembourg Stock Exchange1:90Electricity
57Tata Steel - Reg. S--Luxembourg Stock Exchange1:1Indust.Metals&Mining
58Tata Steel - Reg. STTSTLondon Stock Exchange1:1Indust.Metals&Mining
59Ultratech Cemco - 144A--Luxembourg Stock Exchange1:2Construct.&Materials
60Ultratech Cemco - Reg. S--Luxembourg Stock Exchange1:2Construct.&Materials
61Uniphos Enterprises - Reg. S--Luxembourg Stock Exchange1:1Chemicals
62United Spirits - Reg. S--Luxembourg Stock Exchange2:1Beverages
63UPL - Reg. SUPLSingapore Exchange1:2Chemicals
64Usha Martin - Reg. S--Luxembourg Stock Exchange1:5Fixed Line Telecom.
65Usha Martin Education & Solutions - Reg. S--Luxembourg Stock Exchange1:1Software&ComputerSvc
66Videocon Industries - Reg. S--Luxembourg Stock Exchange1:1Oil & Gas Producers
67Wockhardt - Reg. S--Luxembourg Stock Exchange1:1Pharma. & Biotech.
68Zee Learn - Reg. S--Luxembourg Stock Exchange1:10Personal Goods

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  1. The Complete List of Indian GDRs trading on markets outside of US (Data as of Oct, 2018)

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  1. I am uk citizen with British passport and OCi. I would like to invest in Indian share which are listed to trade in uk. Without the hassle of exchange rates investing in India and selling and bringing the money. Where can I get this information

  2. I am us resident. I already invested in indian Adrs. Now I want to invest in indian question is there any Gdr which available in us Market’s

  3. Dhirenkumar, one Indian GDR I purchased in US market is Larsen & Toubro. Symbol is LTOUF. Trades infrequently but you can purchase if you are not in a hurry. There is a small recurring fee like one pays for ADRs.

  4. Respected Sir/Madam,
    I am studying companies like yours who have successfully issued the Global Depository Receipts along with all the sequence of events (what happened BEFORE they issued, WHEN they issued and AFTER they issued). It is mainly for the research purpose for my college.
    If you can spare few minutes and provide me with any information or references related to it, it will be of a great use.
    Your help is much appreciated.

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