New Site Feature: Stock Lists

Recently we have added a “STOCK LISTS” tab on this site. The tab is on top of the site shown below:


In this tab, we plan to add lists of stocks by sector so that it is easier for investors to access all stocks in a sector in one place. The stocks are listed in table format and are linked to Yahoo Finance. For example, all Railroad stocks are listed in one table for easier access. It must be noted that these lists include stocks from both the US and other countries traded in the US exchanges.

A sample of the stock lists already posted are as follows.

Stocks Trading on the New York Stock Exchange:

  1. The Complete list of Electric Utility Stocks
  2. The Complete list of Drug Stocks
  3. The Complete list of Coal Stocks
  4. The Complete list of Consumer Staple Stocks
  5. The Complete list of Railroad Stocks
  6. The Complete list of Food Stocks
  7. The Complete list of Trucking Company Stocks
  8. The Complete list of Water Utility Stocks
  9. The Complete list of Air Courier stocks
  10.  The Complete list of Airline stocks

Currently we have stock lists by sector. More types of lists will be added soon.

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