Top Five iShares Country ETFs by Volume


ETFs are one of the fastest growing asset classes in the US and Europe. Investors fed up with high expenses charged by mutual funds are migrating to ETFs due to their cost advantage.

To meet this huge demand ETF providers are launching ETFs on a daily basis.For an average investor keeping tabs on these multitude of funds can be a daunting task.Some of these ETFs are for highly specialized sectors like gaming, wind power, coal, heating oil, etc. Some are based on highly technical strategies like buy-write, inverse index, shorting and many others.

Barclay’s owned iShares is the largest ETF provider with many ETFs which are highly popular in the investment community. One of the best ETF types that iShares is known for are the country/region specific ETFs.

The following 5 are the top iShares country  specific ETFs by average daily volume:

1. EWJ –   iShares MSCI Japan Index Fund

2.FXI  –   iShares FTSE/Xinhua China 25 Index Fund

3.EWZ –   iShares MSCI Brazil Index Fund

4.EWT  -  iShares MSCI Taiwan Index Fund

5.EWH – iShares MSCI Hong Kong Index Fund

All the above ETFs have daily trading volumes of 7 million or more shares. The presence of Brazil and China ETFs in this list is not surprising.

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