The Complete List of SPDR ETFs Trading on the US Stock Exchanges

The Complete List of SPDR ETFs Trading on the US Stock Exchanges as of Jan 1, 2021 are listed below:

S.No.ETF NameTickerAsset Class
1SPDR® Dow Jones® Global Real Estate ETFRWOAlternative
2SPDR® Dow Jones® International Real Estate ETFRWXAlternative
3SPDR® Dow Jones® REIT ETFRWRAlternative
4SPDR® Gold MiniSharesSM TrustGLDMAlternative
5SPDR® Gold SharesGLDAlternative
6SPDR® S&P® Global Infrastructure ETFGIIAlternative
7SPDR® S&P® Global Natural Resources ETFGNRAlternative
8SPDR® S&P® North American Natural Resources ETFNANRAlternative
9SPDR® Dow Jones® Industrial Average ETF TrustDIAEquity
12SPDR® FactSet Innovative Technology ETFXITKEquity
13SPDR® Global Dow ETFDGTEquity
14SPDR® MFS Systematic Core Equity ETFSYEEquity
15SPDR® MFS Systematic Growth Equity ETFSYGEquity
16SPDR® MFS Systematic Value Equity ETFSYVEquity
18SPDR® MSCI ACWI Low Carbon Target ETFLOWCEquity
19SPDR® MSCI EAFE Fossil Fuel Reserves Free ETFEFAXEquity
20SPDR® MSCI EAFE StrategicFactorsSM ETFQEFAEquity
21SPDR® MSCI Emerging Markets Fossil Fuel Reserves Free ETFEEMXEquity
22SPDR® MSCI Emerging Markets StrategicFactorsSM ETFQEMMEquity
23SPDR® MSCI USA StrategicFactorsSM ETFQUSEquity
24SPDR® MSCI World StrategicFactorsSM ETFQWLDEquity
25SPDR® NYSE Technology ETFXNTKEquity
26SPDR® Portfolio Developed World ex-US ETFSPDWEquity
27SPDR® Portfolio Emerging Markets ETFSPEMEquity
28SPDR® Portfolio Europe ETFSPEUEquity
29SPDR® Portfolio MSCI Global Stock Market ETFSPGMEquity
30SPDR® Portfolio S&P 1500® Composite Stock Market ETFSPTMEquity
31SPDR® Portfolio S&P 400™ Mid Cap ETFSPMDEquity
32SPDR® Portfolio S&P 500® ETFSPLGEquity
33SPDR® Portfolio S&P 500® Growth ETFSPYGEquity
34SPDR® Portfolio S&P 500® High Dividend ETFSPYDEquity
35SPDR® Portfolio S&P 500® Value ETFSPYVEquity
36SPDR® Portfolio S&P 600™ Small Cap ETFSPSMEquity
37SPDR® Russell 1000 Low Volatility Focus ETFONEVEquity
38SPDR® Russell 1000 Momentum Focus ETFONEOEquity
39SPDR® Russell 1000 Yield Focus ETFONEYEquity
40SPDR® S&P 400™ Mid Cap Growth ETFMDYGEquity
41SPDR® S&P 400™ Mid Cap Value ETFMDYVEquity
42SPDR® S&P 500® ESG ETFEFIVEquity
43SPDR® S&P 500® ETF TrustSPYEquity
44SPDR® S&P 600™ Small Cap ETFSLYEquity
45SPDR® S&P 600™ Small Cap Growth ETFSLYGEquity
46SPDR® S&P 600™ Small Cap Value ETFSLYVEquity
47SPDR® S&P Emerging Markets Dividend ETFEDIVEquity
48SPDR® S&P Kensho Clean Power ETFCNRGEquity
49SPDR® S&P Kensho Final Frontiers ETFROKTEquity
50SPDR® S&P Kensho Future Security ETFFITEEquity
51SPDR® S&P Kensho Intelligent Structures ETFSIMSEquity
52SPDR® S&P Kensho New Economies Composite ETFKOMPEquity
53SPDR® S&P Kensho Smart Mobility ETFHAILEquity
54SPDR® S&P MIDCAP 400® ETF TrustMDYEquity
55SPDR® S&P® 1500 Momentum Tilt ETFMMTMEquity
56SPDR® S&P® 1500 Value Tilt ETFVLUEquity
57SPDR® S&P® 500 Fossil Fuel Reserves Free ETFSPYXEquity
58SPDR® S&P® Aerospace & Defense ETFXAREquity
59SPDR® S&P® Bank ETFKBEEquity
60SPDR® S&P® Biotech ETFXBIEquity
61SPDR® S&P® Capital Markets ETFKCEEquity
62SPDR® S&P® China ETFGXCEquity
63SPDR® S&P® Dividend ETFSDYEquity
64SPDR® S&P® Emerging Asia Pacific ETFGMFEquity
65SPDR® S&P® Emerging Markets Small Cap ETFEWXEquity
66SPDR® S&P® Global Dividend ETFWDIVEquity
67SPDR® S&P® Health Care Equipment ETFXHEEquity
68SPDR® S&P® Health Care Services ETFXHSEquity
69SPDR® S&P® Homebuilders ETFXHBEquity
70SPDR® S&P® Insurance ETFKIEEquity
71SPDR® S&P® International Dividend ETFDWXEquity
72SPDR® S&P® International Small Cap ETFGWXEquity
73SPDR® S&P® Internet ETFXWEBEquity
74SPDR® S&P® Metals & Mining ETFXMEEquity
75SPDR® S&P® Oil & Gas Equipment & Services ETFXESEquity
76SPDR® S&P® Oil & Gas Exploration & Production ETFXOPEquity
77SPDR® S&P® Pharmaceuticals ETFXPHEquity
78SPDR® S&P® Regional Banking ETFKREEquity
79SPDR® S&P® Retail ETFXRTEquity
80SPDR® S&P® Semiconductor ETFXSDEquity
81SPDR® S&P® Software & Services ETFXSWEquity
82SPDR® S&P® Telecom ETFXTLEquity
83SPDR® S&P® Transportation ETFXTNEquity
84SPDR® Solactive Canada ETFZCANEquity
85SPDR® Solactive Germany ETFZDEUEquity
86SPDR® Solactive Hong Kong ETFZHOKEquity
87SPDR® Solactive Japan ETFZJPNEquity
88SPDR® Solactive United Kingdom ETFZGBREquity
89SPDR® SSGA Gender Diversity Index ETFSHEEquity
90SPDR® SSGA US Large Cap Low Volatility Index ETFLGLVEquity
91SPDR® SSGA US Sector Rotation ETFXLSREquity
92SPDR® SSGA US Small Cap Low Volatility Index ETFSMLVEquity
93SPDR® Wells Fargo® Preferred Stock ETFPSKEquity
94The Communication Services Select Sector SPDR® FundXLCEquity
95The Consumer Discretionary Select Sector SPDR® FundXLYEquity
96The Consumer Staples Select Sector SPDR® FundXLPEquity
97The Energy Select Sector SPDR® FundXLEEquity
98The Financial Select Sector SPDR® FundXLFEquity
99The Health Care Select Sector SPDR® FundXLVEquity
100The Industrial Select Sector SPDR® FundXLIEquity
101The Materials Select Sector SPDR® FundXLBEquity
102The Real Estate Select Sector SPDR® FundXLREEquity
103The Technology Select Sector SPDR® FundXLKEquity
104The Utilities Select Sector SPDR® FundXLUEquity
105SPDR® Blackstone / GSO Senior Loan ETFSRLNFixed Income
106SPDR® Bloomberg Barclays 1-10 Year TIPS ETFTIPXFixed Income
107SPDR® Bloomberg Barclays 1-3 Month T-Bill ETFBILFixed Income
108SPDR® Bloomberg Barclays 3-12 Month T-Bill ETFBILSFixed Income
109SPDR® Bloomberg Barclays Convertible Securities ETFCWBFixed Income
110SPDR® Bloomberg Barclays Emerging Markets Local Bond ETFEBNDFixed Income
111SPDR® Bloomberg Barclays High Yield Bond ETFJNKFixed Income
112SPDR® Bloomberg Barclays International Corporate Bond ETFIBNDFixed Income
113SPDR® Bloomberg Barclays International Treasury Bond ETFBWXFixed Income
114SPDR® Bloomberg Barclays Investment Grade Floating Rate ETFFLRNFixed Income
115SPDR® Bloomberg Barclays Short Term High Yield Bond ETFSJNKFixed Income
116SPDR® Bloomberg Barclays Short Term International Treasury Bond ETFBWZFixed Income
117SPDR® Bloomberg SASB® Corporate Bond ESG Select ETFRBNDFixed Income
118SPDR® Dorsey Wright® Fixed Income Allocation ETFDWFIFixed Income
119SPDR® DoubleLine® Emerging Markets Fixed Income ETFEMTLFixed Income
120SPDR® DoubleLine® Short Duration Total Return Tactical ETFSTOTFixed Income
121SPDR® DoubleLine® Total Return Tactical ETFTOTLFixed Income
122SPDR® FTSE International Government Inflation-Protected Bond ETFWIPFixed Income
123SPDR® Nuveen Bloomberg Barclays High Yield Municipal Bond ETFHYMBFixed Income
124SPDR® Nuveen Bloomberg Barclays Municipal Bond ETFTFIFixed Income
125SPDR® Nuveen Bloomberg Barclays Short Term Municipal Bond ETFSHMFixed Income
126SPDR® Portfolio Aggregate Bond ETFSPABFixed Income
127SPDR® Portfolio Corporate Bond ETFSPBOFixed Income
128SPDR® Portfolio High Yield Bond ETFSPHYFixed Income
129SPDR® Portfolio Intermediate Term Corporate Bond ETFSPIBFixed Income
130SPDR® Portfolio Intermediate Term Treasury ETFSPTIFixed Income
131SPDR® Portfolio Long Term Corporate Bond ETFSPLBFixed Income
132SPDR® Portfolio Long Term Treasury ETFSPTLFixed Income
133SPDR® Portfolio Mortgage Backed Bond ETFSPMBFixed Income
134SPDR® Portfolio Short Term Corporate Bond ETFSPSBFixed Income
135SPDR® Portfolio Short Term Treasury ETFSPTSFixed Income
136SPDR® Portfolio TIPS ETFSPIPFixed Income
137SPDR® SSGA Fixed Income Sector Rotation ETFFISRFixed Income
138SPDR® SSGA Ultra Short Term Bond ETFULSTFixed Income
139SPDR® SSGA Global Allocation ETFGALMulti-Asset
140SPDR® SSGA Income Allocation ETFINKMMulti-Asset
141SPDR® SSGA Multi-Asset Real Return ETFRLYMulti-Asset

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