The Complete List of WisdomTree ETFs Trading on the US Stock Exchanges

The Complete List of WisdomTree ETFs Trading on the US Stock Exchanges as of Jan 1, 2021 are listed below:

S.No.FundTickerAsset Class
1CBOE S&P 500 PutWrite StrategyPUTWAlternative
2Enhanced Commodity StrategyGCCAlternative
3Managed Futures StrategyWTMFAlternative
490/60 U.S. BalancedNTSXAsset Allocation
5Growth LeadersPLATDomestic Equity
6U.S. MidCapEZMDomestic Equity
7U.S. MidCap DividendDONDomestic Equity
8U.S. MultifactorUSMFDomestic Equity
9U.S. Quality Dividend GrowthDGRWDomestic Equity
10U.S. Quality Shareholder YieldQSYDomestic Equity
11U.S. SmallCapEESDomestic Equity
12U.S. SmallCap DividendDESDomestic Equity
13U.S. SmallCap Quality Dividend GrowthDGRSDomestic Equity
14U.S. Dividend ex-FinancialsDTNDomestic Equity
15U.S. High DividendDHSDomestic Equity
16U.S. LargeCapEPSDomestic Equity
17U.S. LargeCap DividendDLNDomestic Equity
18U.S. Total DividendDTDDomestic Equity
19India EarningsEPIEmerging Markets Equity
20India ex-State-Owned EnterprisesIXSEEmerging Markets Equity
21Emerging Markets ex-State-Owned EnterprisesXSOEEmerging Markets Equity
22Emerging Markets High DividendDEMEmerging Markets Equity
23Emerging Markets MultifactorEMMFEmerging Markets Equity
24Emerging Markets Quality Dividend GrowthDGREEmerging Markets Equity
25Emerging Markets SmallCap DividendDGSEmerging Markets Equity
26China ex-State-Owned EnterprisesCXSEEmerging Markets Equity
27Emerging Markets ESGRESEESG
28International ESGRESDESG
30Interest Rate Hedged High Yield BondHYZDFixed Income
31Interest Rate Hedged U.S. Aggregate BondAGZDFixed Income
32U.S. Short-Term Corporate BondSFIGFixed Income
33U.S. Short-Term High Yield Corporate BondSFHYFixed Income
34Emerging Markets Corporate BondEMCBFixed Income
35Emerging Markets Local DebtELDFixed Income
36Bloomberg U.S. Dollar BullishUSDUFixed Income
37Chinese Yuan StrategyCYBFixed Income
38Emerging Currency StrategyCEWFixed Income
39Floating Rate TreasuryUSFRFixed Income
40Mortgage Plus BondMTGPFixed Income
41U.S. Corporate BondWFIGFixed Income
42U.S. High Yield Corporate BondWFHYFixed Income
43Yield Enhanced U.S. Aggregate BondAGGYFixed Income
44Yield Enhanced U.S. Short-Term Aggregate BondSHAGFixed Income
45Global ex-U.S. Real EstateDRWInternational Equity
46Global High DividendDEWInternational Equity
47International Dividend ex-FinancialsDOOInternational Equity
48International EquityDWMInternational Equity
49Dynamic Currency Hedged International EquityDDWMInternational Equity
50Dynamic Currency Hedged International SmallCap EquityDDLSInternational Equity
51Europe Hedged EquityHEDJInternational Equity
52Europe Hedged SmallCap EquityEUSCInternational Equity
53Europe Quality Dividend GrowthEUDGInternational Equity
54Europe SmallCap DividendDFEInternational Equity
55Germany Hedged EquityDXGEInternational Equity
56Global ex-U.S. Quality Dividend GrowthDNLInternational Equity
57International Hedged Quality Dividend GrowthIHDGInternational Equity
58International High DividendDTHInternational Equity
59International LargeCap DividendDOLInternational Equity
60International MidCap DividendDIMInternational Equity
61International MultifactorDWMFInternational Equity
62International Quality Dividend GrowthIQDGInternational Equity
63International SmallCap DividendDLSInternational Equity
64Japan Hedged EquityDXJInternational Equity
65Japan Hedged SmallCap EquityDXJSInternational Equity
66Japan SmallCap DividendDFJInternational Equity
67Cloud ComputingWCLDThematic

Source:  WisdomTree

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