The World’s 20 Biggest Banks 2008

Here are the world’s 20 largest banks as of September 15,2008.

Bank of America’s planned takeover of Merrill Lynch of USA would take it from the world’s fourth to second-largest bank, after the Industrial & Commercial Bank of China (ICBC).

The following are The Top 20 Banks ranked in ascending order, based on their market capitalization at Friday’s close, according to Thomson Reuters data (in billions of dollars):

1. ICBC Bank – $206.0 B
Country: China

2.Bank of America/Merrill* – $198.0 B
Country: USA

3. HSBC – $191.0 B
Country: UK

4.China Construction Bank – $168.0B
Country: China

5.JP Morgan Chase – $141.0 B
Country: USA

6.Bank of China – $123.0B
Country: China

7.Wells Fargo** – $113.0B
Country: USA

8.Banco Santander – $101.0B
Country: Spain

9.Citigroup – $98.0B
Country: USA

10.Mitsubishi UFJ – $87.0B
Country: Japan

11.BNP Paribas – $84.0B
Country: France

12.UniCredit – $71.0B
Country: Italy

13.Royal Bank of Scotland – $69.0B
Country: UK

14.Intesa SanPaolo – $66.0B
Country: Italy

15.Royal Bank of Canada – $62.0B
Country: Canada

16.BBVA – $62.oB
Country: Spain

17.UBS – $61.0B
Country: Switzerland

18.US Bancorp – $59.0B
Country: USA

19.Societe Generale – $55.0B
Country: France

20.Credit Suisse – $52.0B
Country: Switzerland

* – Bank of America bought Merrill Lynch recently

** – Wells Fargo bought Wachovia Bank recently

Source: Reuters

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