One Country, One Investment !!!


Image: European Union (EU) flag

Buying individual foreign stocks involves higher risk than investing in a basket of stocks thru a [tag]fund[/tag].This is due to the simple fact that information on foreign stocks may not be readily available even in this internet age and also due to other usual risks associated with foreign investing.

Investing in foreign stocks via a fund can be done in a few ways such thru a [tag]Exchange Traded Fund[/tag] (ETF), [tag]Close-End Fund[/tag] (CEF) or a mutual fund, if one exists for a country.Picking up a fund reduces risk since there a fund is just a basket of stocks which provides diversification.Mutual funds for a specific country are rare.

So an investor has the option of picking up either an ETF or a CEF. In this post we will list the ETFs and CEFs available for countries in Europe.Not all European countries have CEFs. ishares, the leader in the ETF market, is the provider of many of the countrywise ETF for Europe.Both ETFs and CEFs have their pros and cons.

The table below shows the ETFs and CEFs – whichever is available for a country.If you know of any other ETF or CEF for these countries that are not listed here feel free to send an email or leave in the comments section.



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