Swiss Cheese & Swiss ADRs !!

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Why does Swiss Cheese have holes in it?
Readers leave your answers in the comments sections.:-)

Now lets talk about stocks specifically stocks from Switzerland that trade as ADRs in the US.

There are 11 Swiss stocks available to invest in US.Five of them trade in the NYSE and the rest in the OTC market. Of all these stocks probably the best stock for the future is ABB.

Swiss ADR stocks trading in the NYSE are:
1. ABB Ltd – ABB
2. UBS Group – UBS
3. Credit Suisse – CS
4. Novartis – NVS
5. Syngenta – SYT

UBS and CS are in the banking/financial services sector. Both of them are down a lot from their 52 week highs due to heavy losses in the subprime mess.For an investor with a long-term view and looking for some exposure to strong financial stocks, these might be good picks. Here are some specific details:

Credit Suisse – CS
Current PPS – $55.49
52 Week Change = -28.72%
Dividend Yield – 2.89%
S&P; Rating – 3 Stars

UBS Group – UBS
Current PPS – $34.80
52 Week Change = -42.39%
Dividend Yield – 4.98%
S&P; Rating – 4 Stars

ABB is in the Infrastructure space.For more details on ABB please checkout our earlier posts titled:
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Novartis – NVS
NVS is in the pharmaceuticals industry. The stock has held up well in the past year.Probably the best Novartis brand that many folks in the US might know is Gerber, the baby food brand. Gerber makes all kinds of baby related food items.

Current PPS – $51.19
52 Week Change = -11.79%
Dividend Yield – 3.00%
S&P; Rating – 3 Stars

Syngenta – SYT
SYT has been a roll recently due to the global rise in food prices and the heavy demand for agricultural related stocks. For more info. on this issue refer to:
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Current PPS – $58.96
52 Week Change = 58.20%
Dividend Yield – 1.63%

Swiss ADR stocks trading in the OTC market are:
1. Ciba Specialty Chemicals – CSBHY
2. Zurich Financial Services – ZFSVY
3. Swisscom – SCMWY
4. Swiss Reinsurance – SWCEY
5. SCOR Holding – SCRJY
6. Nestle – NSRGY

Swiss ADR stocks trading in the NASDAQ market are:
1. Logitech International – LOGI

Nestle is one of the top brands in the world and its ADR NSRGY is one great stock. For more details on Nestle checkout:

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Zurich Financial, Swiss Reinsurance and SCOR are in the insurance sector.LOGI is in the tech field and SwissCom in the telecom sector.

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