The 8 Largest and Most Powerful Greek Companies

Every year the Forbes magazine publishes its annual list of Forbes Global 2000 list. These companies represent the largest and most profitable firms from around the world. From the 2015 report:

The FORBES Global 2000 is a comprehensive list of the world’s largest, most powerful public companies, as measured by revenues, profits, assets and market value. We use a composite score that weighs those four metrics equally, as one barometer alone would present a biased and incomplete account (read our methodology here).

This year’s Global 2000 companies hail from 60 countries and account for combined revenues of $39 trillion, profits of $3 trillion, with assets worth $162 trillion, and a market value of $48 trillion. Thanks to a bull market, the total market value of Global 2000 companies grew 9% year-over-year, the most among the four metrics.

In order to review which publicly-listed Greek firms are the largest and most powerful I referred to this list. The following eight Greek companies appear in this ranking for 2015:

S.No.CompanySalesProfitsAssetsMarket Value
1Bank of Greece$1.6 B$868 M$124.8 B$206 M
2Public Power$7.8 B$121 M$21.8 B$1.4 B
3National Bank of Greece$8.5 B$88 M$139.7 B$4.2 B
4Motor Oil$12 B$-110 M$3 B$834 M
5Alpha Bank$5.1 B$-437 M$88.3 B$3.7 B
6Hellenic Petroleum$12.6 B$-484 M$9.3 B$1.2 B
7EFG Eurobank Ergasias$2.5 B$-1.6 B$91.4 B$1.9 B
8Piraeus Bank$5.4 B$-2.6 B$108 B$2.3 B

Source: Forbes

Bank of Greece, Public Power and National Bank of Greece (NBG) made profits last year with Bank of Greece earning $868 million. However Bank of Greece is the country’s central bank. Five of the eight firms above are banks.All these banks have billions in assets which are loans held on their books. For example, National Bank of Greece had nearly $140 billion in assets last year but had a market value of just about $4 billion.

The full list of Greek stocks trading on the US markets can be found here.

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