The World’s Top 25 Banks by Profits

The Banker magazine has published the list of the Top 1000 World Banks based on 2010 data.

The graphic below lists The Top 25 Banks by Profits:

Source: The Banker

Some observations:

1. Among the British banks only Barclays(BCS) and HSBC (HBC) are in this list with HSBC ranked at number five. British banks such as Llyods Banking Group(LYG) have lost their dominance in the past few years due to heavy losses and bailouts by the state. According to a Journal report some are also pulling back on their overseas operations to focus more on core businesses.

2. China is represented by four banks among top 25 including the top two rankings.

3. Among the BRIC countries, none of the banks from India made it to the list.

4. JPMorgan Chase (JPM) remains the most profitable large cap banks in the U.S.

Disclosure: Long LYG


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