PFC Energy: The World’s Top 50 Listed Energy Firms 2010

The global energy consultancy PFC Energy has published the annual ranking of the world’s largest energy companies for 2010. The table below shows the top 25 firms:


Source: PFC Energy


Market cap data is as of 12/31/2010.

* Prior listings ranked BHP-Billliton based on total market capitalization; this year the company is ranked by the estimated value of its E&P component based on reserves and production.

Some observations:

  • U.S oil giant ExxonMobil(XOM) retains the top position with a market cap of $368.7 billion.
  • Since PetroChina’s (PTR) market cap fell by 14% last year it fell to the second rank.
  • Brazil’s Petrobras (PBR) has jumped from 27th rank in 1999 to 3rd rank last yea. So its market cap has grown at compound annual rate of 27%.
  • Colombia’s state-owned Ecopetrol(EC) posted impressive market cap gains in 2010 propeling the company to the 13th spot. Accordingly Ecopetrol’s ADR soared from about $24 in January 2010 to close the year at about $44.

The complete list of the PFC Energy 50 can be found here.

Disclosure: Long PBR, EONGY

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