The World’s Leading Tire Manufacturers 2023

The World’s Leading Tire Manufacturers based are revenue are shown in the chart below. There have been not much changes at the top of this list. As in previous years, French tire maker Michelin(MGDDY) ranked the top followed by Bridgestone (BRDCY) of Japan and Goodyear(GT) of the US and Germany’s Continental (CTTAY).

I recently learned that tires on Electric Vehicles (EVs) wear out sooner than those on ICE cars. This is because the weight of the EVs are much higher due to the heavier batteries they carry. So EV owners that own Tesla(TSLA) and other brands need to change their tires often. From an investment standpoint, this fact adds one more reason to own stocks of tire makers.

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Source: Tyre Express

On a related note, the following graphic shows the top 15 tire brands in the world.

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Source: Auto Car Pro

Disclosure: Long CTTAY

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