The 10 Biggest Banks in Africa 2010

The Global Finance magazine recently published the list of biggest banks in emerging markets.  The table below lists the ten biggest banks in Africa for 2010. These banks were ranked based on their total assets as of September, 2010. The data was provided by


South Africa-based Standard Bank Group Ltd (OTC:SBGOY) and Nedbank Group (OTC:NDBKY) have a 2.38% and 2.93% yield respectively.

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  1. The first four banks are for South Africa. Does that means South African banks are good in maintaining assets than other African banks? If so then how do those banks boost the South African country on economy? Are there any bad effects on country’s economy if the bank’s assets standard level decline? I love my South African Country!

  2. Yes.South African banks are maintaining their assets and growing their business profitably. For your other questions, you may want to do some research online.Thanks.

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