The 10 Largest ETFs by Asset Size

The three largest ETF providers in the U.S. are Blackrock Inc’s iShares, State Street Corp’s State Street Global Advisors and Vanguard Group. These three companies account for 85% of the total ETF assets.

Hundreds of ETFs are now listed on the market. For example, iShares alone offers 215 ETFs which hold over $368B in assets. Not all of the ETFs attract sizable assets. Some of the ETFs that failed to attract investors’ interest have been closed by providers. In 2008, sponsors closed 50 ETFs and last year they closed another 51 funds. Despite the availability of many ETFs, new ETFs continue to hit the market. Among the new ETFs launched this year,the ETFS Physical Platinum Shares(PPLT)  has already collected $491 million in assets as of September 27th.

The 10 Largest ETFs ranked by Asset Size are listed below:


Source: The Wall Street Journal

Two emerging market ETFs in the top five confirm the attraction of emerging markets to investors. The streetTRACKS Gold ETF (GLD) takes the number two spot as the flight to safety into gold continues.

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