Strongest Banks in Asia-Pacific and The Middle East

From a report last October by The Asian Banker, the following are the strongest banks in the Asia-Pacific and the Arab Middle East. These rankings were based on the aggregate score that was calculated using many financial performance indicators.

Asia Pacific’s Strongest Banks

        AP500                                                    Aggregate
     Strength         Commercial Bank           Country         Strength
     Rank 2009                                                  Score 2009
         1          HDFC Bank                    India             3.99
         2          Punjab National Bank         India             3.91
         3          Public Bank                  Malaysia          3.84
         4          Bank Central Asia            Indonesia         3.83
         4          Bank of Nanjing              China             3.83
         6          ANZ Panin Bank               Indonesia         3.78
         7          China CITIC Bank             China             3.76
         8          ANZ National Bank            New Zealand       3.70
         8          Union Bank of India          India             3.70
         10         Westpac Banking Corporation  Australia         3.68

The Arab Middle East’s Strongest Banks 2009

     Strength    Commercial Bank               Country             Score
        1    Commercial Bank of Qatar           Qatar               4.05
        2    Qatar National Bank                Qatar               4.04
        3    First Gulf Bank              United Arab Emirates      4.01
        4    Ahli Bank                          Qatar               3.79
        5    Bank Muscat                        Oman                3.76
        6    National Bank of Abu Dhabi   United Arab Emirates      3.73
        6    Saudi British Bank              Saudi Arabia           3.73
        8    Banque Saudi Fransi             Saudi Arabia           3.61
        9    International Bank of Qatar        Qatar               3.60
       10    Union National Bank          United Arab Emirates      3.59

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