The Top 10 Banks of Africa

The October edition of The Africa Report magazine published the Top 200 banks in
Africa for this year.

The magazine said the rankings were based on “questionnaires to 665 financial institutions. Their replies are used to create a systematic ranking of Africa’s top 350 banks, based on total assets. We published only the top 200 banks in our list. All the data is communicated to us by the banks themselves or by their parent companies.”

The Top Ten Banks in Africa for 2009 are:

Standard Bank Group (South Africa)
ABSA Group (South Africa)
First Rand Banking Group (South Africa)
NED Bank Group (South Africa)
National Bank of Egypt Egypt)
Bangue Exterieure D’Algerie(Algeria)
Attijariwafa Bank of Morrocco(Morocco)
Credit Populaire Du Morocco(Morocco)
Gumhouria Bank (Libya)
Bangue Mar Du Commerce Exterieur (Morocco)

The biggest bank in Africa is the Standard Bank Group of South Africa. It has an asset base of of $134B and deposits of $89B.

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