Top Commodity Exports of Australia

The top five commodity exports of Australia are: Iron Ore, Coal, Gold, Crude Oil and LNG. As a resource-rich country commodities form the major portion of Australian exports. China, India, Japan are some of the major export Asian markets for Australia. Japan is the major export market for Oil and Gas, Coal, Aluminum and Copper. China is the largest importer of Australian Iron Ore and UK is the largest market for Australian Gold.



Source: Australian Commodities, June quarter 09.2

The total value of all Australian commodity exports is forecast to be around A$160.5 billion in 2009-10, a fall of 18.1 %  in 2008-09. Out of this metals and energy exports are projected to account for A$124.4 billion.

More detailed information on Australian Commodities and Export Markets can be found by clicking  on Australian-Commodities-Report-June-2009


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