ETFs to cover Latin America and Europe

In this post lets review two ETFs to cover the largest companies in Latin America and Europe.

A simple and efficient way to invest in foreign companies is via ETFs. In the current market conditions, they offer more advantages than just buying individual stocks. There are hundreds of ETFs on the market in all flavors and color.

If an investor is looking to gain exposure to the top companies of Europe and Latin America, then the following 2 ETFs may be the answer:

1.iShares S&P; Latin American 40 Index Fund (ILF)
This ETF contains 40 of the most liquid company stocks from Mexico and South American markets.

Total Assets = $3.3B

Brazilian stocks form the major part of the portfolio at 67% followed by Mexico.

2. DJ Euro STOXX 50 ETF (FEZ)

This fund invests in the 50 largest companies of Western Europe excluding UK.

Total Assets = $420 M

France and German stocks account for about 63% of portfolio. For more info on this ETF goto: A Look at DJ EURO STOXX 50 ETF: FEZ

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