List of all European Utility ADR stocks !!!

In this post lets review the [tag]utility ADRs[/tag] of continental Europe. There are nine stocks in this category with two each from Germany and France.

Utility stocks form an integral part of any well diversified portfolio for many reasons. Utilities usually provide stable, consistent,growing [tag]dividend yields[/tag], offer stability to the portfolio and grow slowly.

[tag]European utility[/tag] stocks have performed well in the past and continue to do well even in these rough times.[tag]EON[/tag] and [tag]RWE[/tag] are the two largest utilities of Germany that provide water, gas and electricity to the German industries and households. The stocks are a favorite of many index funds and offer decent yields.

[tag]VE[/tag] of France is another utility that has recently started placing ads in BusinessWeek. The company seems to be a well run company with a view to protect the environment.Suez is also another great utility.

Verbund of Austria is a highly respected and well run utility.

As seen from the table below, these utilities have decent dividend yields.An investor planning to invest in utilities of foreign countries may look into these stocks:



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