Two Recently Split ADRs

Recently a few ADR stocks that used to trade for higher prices have split and are now trading at lower prices.Two such ADRs are listed below.Usually smaller investors find higher priced stocks unattractive since they get fewer number of shares.Stocks over $100 tend to fall in this category.

1. Banco Bradesco – BBD
Split Date: April 16
Split Ratio: 3:2
Before Split: 29.73
After Split: 20.36
Current Price: $22.58

2. National Bank of Australia – NABZY
Split Date: March 28
Before Split: $140.30
Split Ratio: 1:5
After Split: $27.39
Current Price: $28.26

Soon to split ADRs:

Petrobras of Brazil – PBR
Nestle of Switzerland – NSRGY

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