South Africa: Economy by the Numbers

South Africa is one of the major emerging economies. Though the country is rich in natural resources and is considered as a commodity-based economy, exports of manufacturing products accounts for nearly half of the economy and ores and metals constitute only one-fourth of exports.

The following infographic shows a snapshot of the key variables of the South African economy:

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Source: Focus Economics


  1. I browsed the graphs presented, I notice trends that are demonstrating poor management of our country and it reaources.
    1 the country imports heavily from China and exports little to them. Balance of trade?
    2 the country seem not to be adding value to raw materials, hence little or no industrial contribution to the GDP
    3 there is huge export to others as the graph shows. One suspects that those others are in the SADEC category, who also need to be encouraged to add value to their raw material before exporting.
    4 opinion- to all who says they managing our county, it would be helpful to know, you can nor accept to live in squalor just so you rent out your house. Build out extra rooms, or better still build another house for rental purposes.

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