The Number of Listed Companies by Country 2016

Capital markets in some countries are highly vibrant than others. One measure of a healthy capital market is the number of companies that are publicly listed. Generally developed countries have a high number of public companies relative to emerging and frontier countries. India has the number of public listings in the world with 5,821 companies traded on the Bombay Stock Exchange according to The World Federation of Exchanges(WFE).

The next ranked country is the US with 5,204 firms listed on the NYSE and NASDAQ combined. This count also includes foreign companies listed on these exchanges. Though this may seem a high number, the number of public companies has been on a decline for many years now. Spain does not have 3,506 firms listed as shown in the chart below. But that number also includes funds due to some quick as per WFE.

The following chart shows the number of listed companies by country at year-end 2016:

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Source: WFE

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    Thank you David! Is it possible to have the data you used for your graph in absolute numbers?
    Thanks in advance!

  2. Hi Renaud
    Sure. You download the Excel “WFE Annual Statistics Guide 2016 (in Excel format)” I have posted above in the section “Data Download:”. That has the absolute number you are looking for.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.


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