The Number of Listed Companies by Country

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The number of publicly listed companies vary widely between countries. Generally the total number of listed companies are higher in the developed world than the emerging and frontier markets. However certain emerging markets such as India, China, Brazil has relatively high number of public companies listed. The following chart shows the number of listed companies by country at the end of December, 2015:

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Total Listed Companies by Country-2015


Data shown above is only member exchanges of the WFE

Only stocks listed on major exchanges of countries are included. That is, for China data is from the Shanghai Stock Exchange and does not include the Shenzhen Exchange. Similarly for India, data is from the Bombay Stock Exchange and excludes National Stock Exchange.

Nasdaq OMX Nordic Exchange* – This exchange is the market for Scandinavian countries

Euronext* * – This exchanges companies listed on many European countries such as France, Belgium, The Netherlands, etc.

Data Source: World Federation of Exchanges (WFE)

A few observations:

  • With 5,836 firms, India’s Bombay Stock Exchange has the highest number of companies listed even beating the US.
  • The U.S. has the second highest listings with 5,283 firms in both the NYSE and NASDAQ.
  • Among the BRICs, Russia has the lowest number of listings.
  • Frontier markets such as Dubai, Slovenia, Kazakhstan, etc. have less than 100 companies listed on the exchanges.
  • Though the number of companies are high in countries like India and China, the total market capitalization of these companies are relatively smaller compared to the exchanges in the developed world.
  • Of the Middle Eastern countries, Israel tops the rank with 461 companies listed.
  • Due to a larger and vibrant economy, South Africa has more than double the number of listed firms than Nigeria.

Download (in Excel format):

The full WFE Report on listings, market caps, etc. The report has a wealth of info in addition to the number of listed companies.


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