Three Differences Between DAX And FTSE 100 Indices

Germany’s DAX Index differs widely from the UK’s FTSE-100 Index. In this post, lets take a quick look at some of the differences between these two benchmark indices.

The FTSE-100 is dominated by banks, insurers, oil and natural gas and mining firms. The DAX-30 on the other hand is concentrated by firms in the chemicals, automobiles and parts and industrial goods and services sectors. Chemicals form almost quarter of the market.

DAX Breakdown by Sector:

DAX Breakdown by Sector

FTSE 100 Breakdown by Sector:

FTSE 100 Breakdown by Sector

Note: Data shown are as of June this year.

The DAX is unusual in that it is a total-return index meaning the return values calculated included reinvested dividends. The FTSE is a price return index.

Five DAX firms earn over 90% of their revenues from outside of Germany while nearly three-fourths of the FTSE firms’ sales come from overseas markets.

Source: What’s in the German stock market?, Barclays

The components of the DAX and FTSE 100 can be found here and here respectively.


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