The Complete List of Constituents of the DAX Index

The Complete List of Constituents of Germany’s DAX Index as of Sept 16, 2023 are listed below:

S.No.Company Name
1Adidas Ag Na O.N.
2Airbus Se
3Allianz Se Na O.N.
4Basf Se Na O.N.
5Bay.Motoren Werke Ag St
6Bayer Ag Na O.N.
7Beiersdorf Ag O.N.
8Brenntag Se Na O.N.
9Commerzbank Ag
10Continental Ag O.N.
11Covestro Ag O.N.
12Daimler Truck Hldg Na On
13Deutsche Bank Ag Na O.N.
14Deutsche Boerse Na O.N.
15Deutsche Post Ag Na O.N.
16Dr.Ing.H.C.F.Porsche Vzoi
17Dt.Telekom Ag Na
18E.On Se Na O.N.
19Fresenius Se+Co.Kgaa O.N.
20Hannover Rueck Se Na O.N.
21Heidelberg Materials O.N.
22Henkel Ag+Co.Kgaa Vzo
23Infineon Tech.Ag Na O.N.
24Mercedes-Benz Grp Na O.N.
25Merck Kgaa O.N.
26Mtu Aero Engines Na O.N.
27Muench.Rueckvers.Vna O.N.
28Porsche Autom.Hldg Vzo
29Qiagen Nv Eo -,01
30Rheinmetall Ag
31Rwe Ag Inh O.N.
32Sap Se O.N.
33Sartorius Ag Vzo O.N.
34Siemens Ag Na O.N.
35Siemens Energy Ag Na O.N.
36Siemens Health.Ag Na O.N.
37Symrise Ag Inh. O.N.
38Volkswagen Ag Vzo O.N.
39Vonovia Se Na O.N.
40Zalando Se

Source: Deutsche Boerse

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  1. Do you know of any web site where I can find the historical components of the stocks that comprised the DAX-30 at various dates in time?
    Thank you

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