Conventional and High Speed Rail Map of China

I wrote about high speed rail network in Europe and North America late last year. And before that I wrote another article on high speed rail network in 2013.

In this post, let us take a look at the high speed rail and conventional network map in China:

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China Railway Network Map

Source: China’s Army Hauls Ass on High-Speed Rail, Medium

A few interesting facts about high speed rail in China:

  1. China has the world’s largest  high speed train network.
  2. In December, 2014 China opened 32 high speed train routes.
  3. The 1106-mile line between Shanghai and Guangzhou, near Hong Kong cut the travel time from 16 hours to just 6 hours and 51 minutes.

Source: China opens 32 high-speed rail routes in grand expansion, RT

  1. High-Speed Railway Map of China

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China High-Speed railway map

Source: China Railway Map, Travel China Guide



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Source: Building for the Future: Infrastructure in Emerging Markets, Franklin Templeton Investments

China Hi-speed Railway Map 2016:

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Source: China Discovery

China Hi-speed Railway Map 2017:

Source: The Economist

Emerging High Speed Rail Hub Cities in China:

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Source: US Funds

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