Italian Stocks Hit With Financial Transaction Tax (FTT)

Italy-flagLast year France became the first country to enact the Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) on stocks and other financial instruments. Other European countries were expected to follow this trend.

Effective March 1st, 2013, the Italian government has imposed a Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) on stocks and other instruments. Though it has not been confirmed by ADR issuers, this tax will most likely be applied to Italian ADRs as well.  A few points to remember regarding the Italian Financial Transaction Tax:

  • Effective March 1st Italian companies headquartered in Italy with a market capitalization of EUR 500.0 million or more will be subject to the FTT. Buyers of stocks in these companies will be levied a tax of 0.12% of the total purchase amount.
  • In addition to the FTT, a High-Frequency Trading Tax (HFTT) of 0.02% will be levied on HFT orders.
  • U.S. stocks brokers will be required to collect the new taxes and remit to the Italian government by the 16th of the month following the transactions.

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