The Top 20 Global Pharmaceutical Companies by Sales

The table below lists the top 20 global drug companies based on sales in 2009:


Source: Contract Pharma

Otsuka, Gilead and Mylan are new to this list. Half of the companies ranked 11-20 are based in Japan. Though currently ranked at number 13, Israel-based Teva (TEVA), the world’s largest generic drug maker, has revenue goals that could propel it into the top 7 ranks in the next few years. US-based Gilead (GILD) primarily focuses on developing drugs for life-threatening diseases diseases such as HIV/AIDS, liver disease and serious cardiovascular/metabolic and respiratory conditions.


The Top 10 Global Biopharmaceutical Companies by Sales


  1. Hello David,

    this ranking is bizarre

    Roche is a Global pharma, isn’t it ? I do not agree with the guys from Contract Pharma when they get Roche in a different ranking (“Biopharma”)

    Sales 09 (Roche): 49,051 Swiss francs($43,623)


  2. Sacha
    Yes.I was not sure either why they did that.Only thing that was mentioned was the Genentech takeover.I have always thought of Roche as a global pharma company.

    Let me send them an email and see what they respond regarding this issue. Thanks for your comment.


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