The 15 Most Profitable Canadian Companies

Recently Canadian Business magazine published its 11th annual ranking of Canada’s 500 largest publicly-traded companies. This list is grouped by various categories such as best value stocks, best dividend stocks, mid caps, small caps, etc. In this post lets review the companies that earned the largest profits.

The Top 15 Canadian companies based on profits:


Note: Profit amount is in Canadian $ and the 5-year return is for the Toronto Exchange listed security

Unlike many other developed countries, Canadian banks have been highly profitable and have taken the top three ranks this list. Royal Bank of Canada (RY), Canada’s most profitable bank, also made the largest profit of C$3.8B among publicly traded companies. Railroad operator Canadian National Railway (CNI) beat competitor Canadian Pacific (CP) in total profits earned. All the companies shown above have also great 5-year returns with four exceeding 100%.

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