The World’s Top Banks by Profits and Losses

Each year The Banker magazine publishes a list of the best global banks based on various factors such as profits, losses, assets, etc. The graphic below lists the best and worst banks based on 2009 data:


via The Economist

It is interesting to note that the two most profitable banks in the world are Chinese banks – ICBC and China Construction Bank(OTC: CICHY). Two other Chinese banks that are in this list include Bank of China(OTC: BACHF) and Agricultural Bank of China. The three Brazilian banks that made it to this ranking are Banco Bradesco(BBD),Itau Unibanco(ITUB) and Banco do Brasil (OTC: BDORY). Anglo Irish was the worst bank in terms of losses followed by GMAC and Citibank(C). Despite many bailouts in the developed world, European and American banks dominate the losers category.


  1. Would like to know the Internet link to know the profit figures. Graph does not show exact figures of profits/losses.

    Thanks in anticipation.

  2. Hi Singh
    Unfortunately I do not have that information.Please do some research online or visit the individual bank’s websites.


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