Top German Chemical ADRs

Germany has some of the world’s top chemical companies. Historically Germany has been a leader in this sector. BASF AG, the world’s largest chemical giant, is based

BASF operates in 5 segments: Chemicals,Plastics,Performance products,Functional solutions,Agricultural Solutions and Oil&Gas.

The stock trades in the International PremierQX, the highest OTC market tier
with the ticker BASFY.

The current dividend yield is 4.32% and the PE is 10.96. The total return for the stock were 9.9%,30.7%,56.9% in year 2005,2006,2007 respectively.YTD BASFY is down 2.5%.In 2007, sales was over 57.9B EUR – about 10.2% more than 2006. Net Income was 4B EUR.

2.Bayer AG (BAYRY)
In addition to the chemicals sector, Bayer operates in the drug business.

BAYRY has a yield of 2.61% and a PE of 16.43. The stock had a growth of 73.9% in 2007.

3.Linde AG (LNAGF)
Linde ADR is a very thinly traded stock.

4.Altana AG (AAAGY)
Altana operates in the specialty chemicals business. AAAGY has a yield of 2.19% and a PE of 12.44. YTD the stock is down just over 27%.

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