Chile ADR Stocks !!!

Chile is a country known the world over for its grapes and of commodities specifically copper. She is one of the biggest exporters of copper. Other export include fruits, nuts, forestry products and seafood.

There are quite a few opportunities for investors looking to investor in this South American country. There are many ways to invest there for US investors.

One possible option is to invest via the new ishares Chilean ETF that was launched last month. The ticker for this ETF is ECH. So far the fund seems to have collected some $9.8M.

Another way to invest in Chile is thru the closed-end fund called The Chile Fund.
The symbol for this one is : CH
This fund has a respectable $220M in assets and its performance over 5 years has been good.

If you prefer to pick up a few Chilean stocks for your portfolio, here are some choices:

1. Bank of Chile – BCH

2. Lan Airlines – LFL

3. Corpbanca – BCA

4. Banco SAntander Chile – SAN

5.Chemical & Mining Co. of Chile Inc. – SQM

6. Administradora de Fondos de Pensiones Provida SA – PVD

All these stocks pay decent dividends and will definitely be a quality addition to your portfolio. Remember if you are not sure which one to pick out of these, just pick up a few ETF shares while it is cheap or some shares of The Chile Fund. You will not be disappointed by investing in Chile.

Until next time Cheers to the folks in Santiago, Chile. And don’t forget to eat lots of Chilean grapes the next time you shop at the grocery store.:-)


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