The World’s Top Diamond-Producing Countries

diamond.jpgThe country of Botswana in Africa is the biggest producer of diamond in the world by value. The second and third top producers are Russia and Canada respectively. It is interesting to note that Canada is the third largest producer of diamonds.

The Top Diamond-Producing Countries:


Source: The ‘Blood Diamond’ Resurfaces, The Wall Street Journal

An estimated 65% of the world’s diamonds come from African countries according to Diamond Facts site.

Some of the Top Diamond Mining Companies are:

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Good information

botswana’s currently the world’s lerding diamond producer by value ,yet th diamond beneficiation scheme is ultimately bound to fail.DE BEERS is failing to make diamonds to be highly rosousceful to Batswana.What do you think could be done?

Thanks for your comment.Unfortunately I am not sure what could be done to solve the issue.

but why Botswana still remains as one of the poorest contries in the world but the largest in diamonds??? Is it still under colony??

Nope.It is an independent country but just like so many other African countries corruption and politics keep the country poor.

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