The Complete List of Listed Companies on the Athens Stock Exchange in Greece

The Complete List of Listed Companies on the Athens Stock Exchange in Greece as of Jan 1, 2024 are shown below:

1Wool Industry Tria Alfa S.A. (Cr)AAAK
2Austriacard Holdings Ag (Cb)ACAG
3Admie (Ipto) Holding S.A. (Cr)ADMIE
4Aegean Airlines (Cr)AEGN
5Akritas S.A. (Cr)AKRIT
6Alumil Aluminium Industry S.A. (Cr)ALMY
7Alpha Services And Holdings S.A. (Cr)ALPHA
8Alpha Trust-Andromeda Investment Trust S.A. (Cr)ANDRO
9A.S. Company S.A. (Cr)ASCO
10Alpha Astika Akinhta S.A. (Cr)ASTAK
11Attica Publications S.A. (Cr)ATEK
12Alpha Trust Holdings S.A. (Cr)ATRUST
13Attica Holdings S.A. (Cr)ATTICA
14Avax S.A. (Cr)AVAX
15Ave S.A. (Cr)AVE
16Jumbo S.A. (Cr)BELA
17Biokarpet S.A. Ind. & Comm.Ent.(Cr)BIOKA
18Unibios Holdings S.A.(Cr)BIOSK
19Bioter S.A. (Cr)BIOT
20Mple Kedros Reic (Cr)BLEKEDROS
21Briq Properties Reic (Cr)BRIQ
22Cenergy Holdings S.A. (Cb)CENER
23Centric Holdings S.A.CENTR
24Cnl Capital E.K.E.S.- Aifm (Cr)CNLCAP
25Cpi Computer Peripherals Inter/Nal (Cr)CPI
26Daios Plastics Sa (Cr)DAIOS
27Dimand S.A. (Cr)DIMAND
28Domiki Kritis S.A. (Cr)DOMIK
29Dromeas S.A. (Cr)DROME
30Duros S.A. (Cr)DUR
31Coca-Cola Hbc Ag (Cr)EEE
32Ekter S.A. (Cr)EKTER
33Elve S.A. (Cr)ELBE
34Elvalhalcor S.A. (Cr)ELHA
35Elinoil Hellenic Petroleum Company S.A. (Cr)ELIN
36Ellaktor S.A. (Cr)ELLAKTOR
37Helleniq Energy Holdings S.A. (Cr)ELPE
38Elastron S.A. (Cr)ELSTR
39Elton S.A.(Cr)ELTON
40Entersoft S.A. (Cr)ENTER
41Selected Textile Ind. Assoc. S.A. (Cr)EPIL
42Epsilon Net S.A. (Cr)EPSIL
43National Bank Of Greece S.A. (Cr)ETE
44Eurobank Ergasias Services And Holdings S.A. (Cr)EUROB
45Euroconsultants S.A. (Cr)EUROC
46Evrofarma Sa (Cr)EVROF
47Hellenic Exchanges-Athens Stock Exchange Sa (Cr)EXAE
48Thessalonika Water & Sewerage Sa (Cr)EYAPS
49Athens Water Supply & Sewerage S.A. (Cr)EYDAP
50Fieratex S.A. (Cr)FIER
51Flexopack S.A. (Cr)FLEXO
52Fourlis S.A.(Cr)FOYRK
53Frigoglass S.A.(Cr)FRIGO
54Gen. Commercial & Ind. (Cr)GEBKA
55Gek Terna Holding Real Estate Construction (Cr)GEKTERNA
56Haidemenos S.A. (Cr)HAIDE
57Hellenic Telecom. Organisation (Cr)HTO
58Athens Medical C.S.A. (Cr)IATR
59Iktinos Hellas S.A. (Cr)IKTIN
60Ilyda S.A. (Cr)ILYDA
61Intrakat S.A. (Cr)INKAT
62Interlife S.A. (Cr)INLIF
63Intralot S.A. (Cr)INLOT
64Ideal Holdings S.A. (Cr)INTEK
65Intercontinental International Reic (Cr)INTERCO
66Intertech S.A. (Cr)INTET
67Intracom S.A. Holdings (Cr)INTRK
68Reds S.A. (Cr)KAMP
69Karelia Tobacco Company S.A. (Cr)KARE
70Kekrops S.A. (Cr)KEKR
71Flour Mills Kepenos S.A. (Cr)KEPEN
72I. Kloukinas - I. Lappas S.A. Con. And Co.Comp(Cr)KLM
73Kordellos Ch. Bros S.A.(Cr)KORDE
74Kre.Ka S.A. (Cr)KREKA
75Kri-Kri Milk Industry S.A. (Cr)KRI
76Kostas Lazaridis S.A. (Cr)KTILA
77Loulis Food Ingredients S.A. (Cr)KYLO
78Kiriacoulis Shipping S.A. (Cr)KYRI
79C. Sarantopoulos Flour Mills S.A. (Cr)KYSA
80Lamda Development S.A. (Cr)LAMDA
81Lampsa Hotel S.A. (Cr)LAMPS
82Lanakam S.A. (Cr)LANAC
83Lavipharm S.A. (Cr)LAVI
84N. Leventeris S.A. (Cr)LEBEK
85N. Leventeris S.A. (Pr)LEBEP
86Livani Publishing Organization S.A. (Cr)LIVAN
87Logismos Information Systems S.A. (Cr)LOGISMOS
88Mathios Refractory S.A. (Cr)MATHIO
89Medicon Hellas S.A. (Cr)MEDIC
90Mermeren Kombinat A.D. Prilep (Gdr)MERKO
91Mevaco S.A. (Cr)MEVA
92Mig Holdings S.A. (Cr)MIG
93Minerva Knitwear S.A. (Cr)MIN
94Mls Multimedia S.A. (Cr)MLS
95N. Varveris-Moda Bagno S.A. (Cr)MODA
96Motor Oil (Hellas) Refineries Sa (Cr)MOH
97Motodynamics S.A. (Cr)MOTO
98El. D. Mouzakis S.A. (Cr)MOYZK
99Bitros Holding S.A.(Cr)MPITR
100Mytilineos S.A. (Cr)MYTIL
101Nakas Music (Cr)NAKAS
102Nafpaktos Textile Ind. S.A. (Cr)NAYP
103Tpa S.A. (Cr)OLTH
104Technical Olympic S.A. (Cr)OLYMP
105Opap S.A. (Cr)OPAP
106Optima Bank S.A. (Cr)OPTIMA
107Orilina Properties R.E.I.C. (Cr)ORILINA
108Autohellas S.A. (Cr)OTOEL
109E. Pairis S.A (Cr)PAIR
110Papoutsanis S.A. (Cr)PAP
111Petros Petropoulos (Cr)PETRO
112Crete Plastics S.A. (Cr)PLAKR
113Thrace Plastics Holding And Commercial S.A. (Cr)PLAT
114P.P.A. S.A. (Cr)PPA
115Ppc S.A. (Cr)PPC
116Proodeftikh Technical Company S.A. (Cr)PRD
117Premia R.E.I.C. (Cr)PREMIA
118Prodea R.E.I.C. S.A. (Cr)PRODEA
119Profile Systems & Software S.A. (Cr)PROF
120Pipeworks L. Tzirakian Profil S.A. (Cr)PROFK
121Quality And Reliability S.A.(Cr)QUAL
122Quest Holdings S.A. (Cr)QUEST
123Revoil S.A. (Cr)REVOIL
124Gr. Sarantis S.A. (Cr)SAR
125Sato Office And Houseware Supplies S.A. (Cr)SATOK
126Sidma Steel Sa (Cr)SIDMA
127Space Hellas S.A. (Cr)SPACE
128The House Of Agriculture Spirou S.A. (Cr)SPIR
129Attica Bank S.A. (Cr)TATT
130Bank Of Greece (Cr)TELL
131Terna Energy S.A. (Cr)TENERGY
132Titan Cement International S.A. (Cb)TITC
133Piraeus Financial Holdings S.A. (Cr)TPEIR
134Trastor Real Estate Investment Company (Cr)TRASTOR
135Trade Estates R.E.I.C. (Cr)TRESTATES
136Varvaressos S.A. European Spinning Mills (Cr)VARNH
137Viohalco Sa/Nv (Cb)VIO
138Vis S.A. (Cr)VIS
139Voyatzoglou S.A. (Cr)VOSYS
140Interwood-Xylemporia A.T.E.N.E. (Cr)XYLEK
141Interwood-Xylemporia A.T.E.N.E.(Pr)XYLEP
142Yalco - Constantinou S.A. (Cr)YALCO

Source: Athens Exchange Group

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