How BIG is Mexico: Map

Mexico looks small when we look at the map especially when the northern neighbors US and Canada are so big. However I recently learned that Mexico is a big country. The following description details how big the country is:

Mexico is a nation in the southern part of North America. It is bordered to the north by the U.S., to the southeast by Belize and Guatemala. Mexico is a vast country. It covers almost 2 million square kilometers (~762 thousand sq mi), making it the global’s 13th-biggest nation by area. Moreover, Mexico is a tenth-most-populous nation (about 129 million citizens) and the most populated Spanish-speaking country.

Mexico doesn’t look big on maps that have a Mercator projection due to distortion. The maps below clearly convey the real size of this country.

The United Kingdom, Germany and other 21 European countries fit into Mexico.

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Source: How big is Mexico?,

Hat Tip: Marginal Revolution

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