The Top 10 Lithium Companies by 2021 Revenue

Lithium is one of the hottest commodities in the world these days since it is used in the manufacture of batteries in Electric Vehicles (EVs). A handful of companies dominate the lithium-related industry. Among the top 10, 4 are Chinese companies though it has smaller global reserve of of the commodity. Australia has a relatively higher percentage of Lithium reserves. Hence 3 firms from Australia made it to the top 10 list based on revenues in 2021.

The largest Lithium producer is Chile-based SQM(SQM). North Carolina-based Albemarle (ALB) is more of a downstream player but had the top revenue last year according to an article by Truman at Substack.

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Source: 4 new charts on lithium – the hottest commodity in the world now, Genuine Impact Newsletter, Substack

The biggest Lithium mines in the world by reserves are shown in the chart below:

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From an investment perspective, Chilean lithium giant Sociedad Quimica y Minera de Chile(SQM) has been an astonishing performer. Since 2011, the stock is up 4,000% according a piece by Ernesto Canales and Mario Canales of Latinometrics at Substack.

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Source: Psychologists, Remittances, and Chilean Giant SQM, Latinometrics

SQM has performed very well this year also. While the S&P 500 is in a bear market and many of the former hi-fliers are down even more SQM’s stock has shot up about 85% year-to-date.

Continued growth of EVs around the world should keep the demand high for Lithium and that should be beneficial to these companies.


Source: How Australia became the world’s greatest lithium supplier, The BBC

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