Number of Years Needed for Vaccine Development and Approval: Chart

The process for development and eventual approval of vaccine usually takes years and years. However the vaccines for Covid-19 were developed and approved in surprisingly short amount of time. In less than a year, vaccines for the worst pandemic in modern history was ready for us. The very first vaccine was developed by  BioNTech SE (BNTX) and Pfizer(PFE) followed by Moderna (MRNA). UK’s AstraZeneca PLC(AZN) followed suit. Recently Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) came up with its own single shot vaccine. Many others are still in development stage.  The following chart shows a comparison of the vaccines:

Source: The BBC

Going back to our topic of discussion, the chart below shows number of years for development and approval of vaccines for other diseases:

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Source: Graph of the week by Steef Bergakker, Robeco

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