The Evolution of AT&T and Time-Warner

Telecom giant AT&T Inc (T) and Time-Warner Inc(TWX) want to merge. However the US Justice department is against this marriage and has filed a lawsuit against the merger.Now the drama will continue in the courts for the next many months or years.

Most of the industries are oligopolies where a handful of companies dominate the market. Due to the high concentration of entire industries in a handful of companies, competition has become a cruel joke and customer satisfication suffers while investors enjoy high returns. I wrote about the monopoly madness in the US railroad industry back in 2012 and other industries later. You can find them here and here and here .

The graphic below shows the evolution of AT&T and Time-Warner:


Source: Effort to Block AT&T-Time Warner Deal Gets Mixed Reception, WSJ, Nov 21, 2017

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