The Top 10 Coffee Producing Countries

The top 10 coffee producers in 2016 is shown in the chart below. The chart comes from an interesting article on the booming coffee industry in Der Spiegel.

Coffee pickers in Guatemala earn about 5 Euros for picking a 50 kilogram (kg) bag.  Sometimes children also work to support a family. On an average they may pick 50 to 75 kgs per day. A large caramel a Starbucks(SBUX) in Europe costs about 5 Euros. No wonder the company is one of the most profitable firms in the world. The legal minimum daily wage for labor in Guatemala is 10 Euros.

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Source: Custom Brewed Lifestyle – The Booming Coffee Industry and Those It’s Left Behind, Der Spiegel

The full article is an interesting read to understand the dynamics of the coffee industry.

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